Weight Loss: What to eat semolina or gram flour to lose weight? Know their benefits

Dieting For Weight Loss: All of you must have consumed semolina and gram flour. Most of the people use them like Halwa, Dhokla, Cheela, Uttapam, Dosa, Laddu  To make delicious dishes. Both semolina and gram flour are considered very healthy food. They contain a wealth of nutritive elements. Both semolina and gram flour are very beneficial.
What Research Says 
Benefits of Semolina for Weight Loss 
Benefits of Besan for Weight Loss
What is better between gram flour and semolina?
Semolina has a high glycemic index. Along with this, the level of gluten is also increased, due to which it can be harmful for people who are concerned about gluten. On the other hand, talking about gram flour, the glycemic index of gram flour is low and gram flour is gluten free. Apart from this, a good amount of protein is also found in gram flour  Is. Experts believe that diabetic patients and those who are allergic to gluten should avoid consuming semolina. Consuming gram flour can be a better choice for a diabetic patient. By the way, you can use both semolina and gram flour to reduce weight.
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