‘Wept for days after former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination’, Nalini told herself innocent

Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case: In the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (Rajiv Gandhi Assassination) , the convicts who were imprisoned for years were recently released. Six accused including Nalini and RP Ravichandran were involved in this. After the release, the statement of Nalini Sriharan has come to the fore. She said that she had cried for several days over the murder of the former PM. Nalini says she is from a ‘Congress family’ but she is accused of killing Rajiv Gandhi. 

Nalini said that she is from the Congress family, when Indira Gandhi died, she did not eat food for the whole day. He said that we were crying for four days. Even when Rajiv Gandhi was murdered, we kept crying for three days but he is the one accused of murder. He said that she would be relieved only if she was acquitted of all charges. 

‘If she had committed murder, she would not have been in jail’

Nalini said she was innocent but refused to answer whether she knew who was behind the murder of the former PM. She said that she cannot name anyone like this but if she had done so, she would not have been in jail for 32 years. However, this statement by Nalini enraged Anusuya Ernest Daisy, who was then a sub-inspector, who was injured and lost her fingers during the blast. 

‘Court must find the real culprits’

Anusuya Ernest said on this that Nalini is speaking against the decision of the Supreme Court. If she says she is innocent and not an accused then maybe the court should review the order and start another investigation to find out the real culprits. Actually, Nalini had said all these things in a press conference. 

Nalini had knocked on SC’s door

Before release, Nalini Sriharan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, approached the Supreme Court demanding her premature release. Nalini challenged the June 17 order of the Madras High Court, which rejected her plea for early release and ordered the release of co-convict AG Perarivalan, citing a Supreme Court judgement. However, on Friday (November 11), the court, while hearing the case, directed the release of six convicts, including Nalini.

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