What are the side effects of rice and rice food?

Rice Effect on Health: Rice is the life of us Indians. Homemade food like Rajma-Rice, Chole-Rice, Dal-Rice, Fish-Bhaat quenches the hunger not of our body but of our soul! We hope that you will not feel too much to say this to us. Anyway, excess is prohibited everywhere.

Does rice also harm the body?

White Rice: 100 grams of rice contains 123 calories and 0.4 grams of fat. While there are 2.9 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs. If you eat rice in all the three meals of the day for a long time, then surely its bad effect starts showing on your body. Learn about the harm caused to the body by eating rice in large quantities, here…

flatulence problem 
Are you also among those people who start having flatulence problem after eating food? If yes, then you have to take a look at your plate. Notice your daily diet, not just at any one time. Because people who keep consuming rice in large quantities for a long time, they start having problems like burning in the stomach, heartburn and flatulence after a time. This is due to the starch found in rice.

The problem of weight gain
Excess consumption of rice can be the reason for your increasing weight.  However, with overeating such rice, it happens when you go to bed as soon as you eat rice. Those who eat rice in a balanced amount and are also physically active, this effect is rarely seen on their body.

Reason of increased blood sugar level
Rice has been kept in the category of high glycemic foods in the glycemic index.  Glycemic Indes(GI) is measured through how fast the body converts the carbs from which food into sugar and this sugar dissolves rapidly in the blood inside the body. All foods in this category are ranked between 0 and 100, with a glycemic index of 0 to 55 being low GE, 56 to 69 medium GI, and a 70 to 100 high glycemic index. .

The GI level of white rice is 64. That is, they increase the level of sugar in the body at a moderate pace. If they are consumed in excess, the risk of dip-two diabetes increases. Whereas the glycemic index number of brown rice is 55. So if you want to eat rice every day, then start consuming brown rice too.

rice dishes and their consumption

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