What is Cephalalgia, nowadays this is the first symptom seen in single dose vaccination of Covid

Cephalalgia Treatment: Covid virus wreaked havoc in the country. This virus spreading in the air has caught millions of people. The changed form of COVID, the delta variant, proved fatal in the country. Thousands of people got infected and died. Omicron also bothered people. Doctors say that Kovid is still around you. Prevention is necessary by simply following the Covid protocol. Whether there is an infection of Kovid or not, along with the mutation of the variant, its symptoms are also changing. If you see different symptoms, see the doctor immediately and isolate yourself. By doing this, the risk of spreading the infection to other people will reduce. 

What is Cephalalgia, which is visible in patients
According to media reports, the UK’s Kovid study was done regarding this. An important feature emerged in the study. The name of this disease has been described as Cephalalgia. Due to Cephalalgia, a person starts having headache. That is, the problem of headache has also increased in COVID patients. This includes stiffness in the back of the neck, pain on both sides of the head. This symptom was seen in those people who took a single dose of the vaccine. 

Other symptoms were also seen
There has been a lot of change in the symptoms of Kovid in the last two years. Earlier, symptoms like high fever, cough, odorless and tasteless tongue, shortness of breath and chest pain were seen. Now the study done. Apart from headache, 4 more symptoms were seen in the patients. These included sore throat, runny nose, body pain, persistent cough. Those who took the full dose of the vaccine. His immunity was found to be better. 

Not only every headache is Kovid
Research officials said that the study has revealed that headache has emerged as the primary symptom of Kovid. But it is not that every headache patient is Covid infected. If there is a headache, then the doctor should be seen immediately. Researchers are also investigating how to define headache differently in Covid and non-Covid patients. 

How to protect
Doctors have advised that it is necessary to follow its protocol to prevent Covid. Drink plenty of water for protection. And stay hydrated, get plenty of rest if you have a cold or flu. Pain relievers can be taken after consulting a doctor. 

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