What is Multiple Cardiac Arrests… which took the life of Bengali actress

HEART ATTACK: In the last two years many celebrities have died due to heart attack. Some actors had Sudden Cardiac Arrest and were declared dead by the doctor on reaching the hospital. There is a news from West Bengal. Bengali actress Aindrila Sharma died due to multiple cardiac arrest. The Bengali actress defeated Cancer twice. Later the doctors declared him cancer free. But now multiple cardiac arrest took his life. Let us know why this serious heart disease is killing people? What is multiple cardiac arrest?

What is Multiple Cardiac Arrest

The work of the heart is to supply blood to all the parts of the body. Through this blood, all the nutrients including iron, oxygen reach all the organs. All the parts work optimally after getting the nutrients. But many times there is cholesterol or some kind of blockage in the blood vessels of the heart. The heart starts showing symptoms when there is a mild barrier. But as soon as the path of the arteries starts to close completely. There is pressure on the heart. If the passage of the arteries becomes more closed then it becomes a condition of heart attack, but if the heart itself stops working due to electrical disturbances or other reasons, then there is a situation of multiple cardiac arrest. In this the heart stops working together. Means the blood supply stops in the whole body. Organs start failing. If timely treatment is not given, then the person dies within a few minutes.

What are the symptoms?

Some symptoms start appearing before cardiac arrest. These include fainting, increased heart rate, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, and abdominal, chest and back pain. 

These factors increase the risk of heart disease

Doctors say that today’s lifestyle is becoming the root of diseases of the youth. Working late at night, not sleeping on time, being in tension, eating junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking, obesity are included. Along with this, the problem of high blood pressure and diabetes arises. Gradually, due to this lifestyle, the valves of the heart start to weaken. This increases the chances of heart diseases.

What to do?

First of all improve the life style, go for morning or evening walk. Do yoga or exercise on the advice of experts. Eat green vegetables, fruits. Get proper sleep at night. Try to be stress free. Don’t overload the workload. If you have any symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

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