What is narco test? Shraddha’s killer Aftab will also go through this process

What Is Narco Test: A Delhi court on Thursday (November 17) allowed the narco test of Shraddha Murder Case accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla. It has been used in the past to solve many important cases. In such a situation, it is important to know what is a narco test and what information is obtained from it. 

In the narco test, some medicines are given to the person like sodium pentothal, scopolamine and sodium amytal. After taking it, the person passes through several stages of anesthesia. This means that the person is neither completely conscious nor unconscious. In the hypnotic stage of this process, the person is more likely to receive information that he or she would not normally reveal in a conscious state. 

Consent of the person is also necessary for the test

Investigating agencies use this test when the real picture of the case is not revealed even from the rest of the evidence. According to the rules, the consent of the person concerned is also necessary for conducting the narco test. The Supreme Court had ruled on a petition questioning the validity of such tests that narco analysis, brain mapping and polygraph tests cannot be conducted without the consent of the individual. 

Aftab prepares for narco test

According to experts, during the narco test, by interfering in the nervous system of a person at the molecular level, his inhibitions are reduced. In such a sleep-like state, an attempt is made to know about the authentic truth about the crime. The dosage given through injection is decided according to the gender, age, health and physical condition of the person. 

Interrogation takes place in the presence of the doctor

After this, the concerned person is interrogated by the investigating agencies in the presence of doctors. Video recording is done of the disclosures made during this. This test is done in the government hospital after the order of the court. Narco test was also used in 2002 Gujarat riots cases, Abdul Karim Telgi fake stamp paper scam, terrorist Ajmal Kasab, arrested in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case and Nithari murder case in 2007.&nbsp ;

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