What is Norco and Polygraph test, what is the percentage of guarantee to reveal the truth?

In the Shraddha murder case, the accused Aftab Poonawala is to have a narco test and before the narco test, Aftab’s polygraphy test will be conducted. According to the police, an attempt will be made to extract the truth from the accused through these two tests. In such a situation, it is important to know what are narco and polygraphy tests and what percentage of the truth is likely to come out through these two tests? 

These tests are done to find out the truth in any serious criminal case. In such cases, when the accused does not tell the truth in the police interrogation or tries to divert the investigation being done by the police, then the police take permission from the court to get these tests done and then the tests are done. These tests are conducted by Forensic Science Laboratory FSL. In the Shraddha Walker murder case, polygraphy test is to be held at FSL Rohini. While the narco test will be done at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital, Rohini.

How is Narco Test and Polygraphy Test done

According to Dr. Punit, a special type of medicine is given to a person in the narco test. After that the person speaks what is in his mind, after giving the medicine the person becomes unconscious and then the experts ask him questions. After which the person answers it and if during this time the person tells a lie, then there is a change in his pulse rate, heart rate and physical activities. Like sweating, nervousness, crying etc. because if a person tells a lie, he starts thinking, he gets nervous. By which it is known that the person is lying. That’s why polygraphy test is done before narco test to check physical activities of the person.

Questions are asked after anesthesia

Dr told that after giving dose of anesthesia in narco test, first normal questions are asked to the person, such as his name, what he likes to eat, what he is thinking etc. and then questions related to the case are asked. . In which he speaks only that which is in his mind at that time. Along with this, the doctor said that it is not mandatory to conduct polygraphy test before every narco test. But in serious cases polygraph test is done before narco test. In polygraphy test, without giving any medicine to the person, his physical activities are examined by applying machines on his body. In this test, questions are asked by putting machines on the body, and while answering the question, its activities like heart beat, plus rate, increase or decrease in blood pressure, sweating are seen. 

Chairman of FSL Forensic Psychology Department further states that the police has sought permission from the court for the polygraphy test, and after the permission of the court, this test will be done at FSL Rohini. The whole process is completed in 10 days till the police appeals to the court and gets its permission. He told that whenever permission is given by the court, this test will be done in FSL. For which a whole team has been prepared and this test will be done under the supervision of experts. Along with this, he told that the narco test takes one to one and a half hours, while the polygraphy test can sometimes take a whole day or even the next day. Because in polygraphy test the physical activities of the person have to be recorded.

What is the guarantee of the truth told by the accused?

On the other hand, after these two tests, what is the guarantee of the truth told by the accused? And what percentage of truth comes out from these tests? Regarding this, psychiatrist Dr. Smita Desh Pandey from St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore says that there is no guarantee that the truth will be revealed completely through these tests. Because many times a person is able to control his emotions in a narco-polygraphy test, the drug given during the narco test does not have much effect on him, just like a person who is intoxicated sometimes remains conscious. In such a situation, there is no guarantee that the truth will come out completely during the narco test.

Dr. Smita says that if a person controls his emotions in narco and polygraphy tests, then these tests have no meaning. These tests are done to investigate any legal matter in a scientific way. When questions are asked to a person in these tests, he says whatever is in his mind, but if it does not happen, then he starts thinking. Goes into that incident, starts crying, or shows symptoms like getting angry, shouting. The way a person’s ability to think and understand decreases after consuming any intoxicant, he says and does whatever is in his mind at that time. In the same way during the narco test also the person starts doing the same thing. Also, the narco test is done under the supervision of a team of doctors. This test is done in the operation theatre. In which psychiatrists are also present along with doctors. The medicine given to a person for narco test is given after looking at his age and medical condition. Because if the dosage of this medicine is high then it can also be harmful for the person.

How to tell a lie 

After giving anesthesia to the person in the narco test, questions are asked to him. Experts ask the accused questions related to the crime scene, so that he speaks whatever is in his mind, because many times we see that a person in a state of intoxication speaks such things which he would not have said while being normal. In this dose, the person goes in a state like intoxication. That is why questions are asked to him. Along with this, the expert also says that the person for whom this test is done. And the things he is saying during the test are 100% true or  No. It is difficult to say this. Because many people also control their emotions during this test. The way drug addicts remain conscious no matter how much they get intoxicated and they look like a normal person in full consciousness.

That’s why it is not considered as a proof in the court. But the police get this test done to confirm their investigation. For which permission has to be taken from the court and these tests are done only with the permission of the court and the consent of the accused person. If the accused does not want, then the police cannot get this test done on any accused on their own free will. After this test, the police physically checks the things told by the accused, if any new information comes out, it is investigated. But how much truth a person is telling during these tests depends on his will power, if he controls this dose then he can also lie instead of telling the truth.

Tell that Delhi Police is interrogating the accused Aftab in the Shraddha murder case, in this case, where did the accused throw the pieces of Shraddha’s body after the murder? Where to hide and where did he keep the weapons? Where did you throw it? Narco and polygraphy tests of the accused are being conducted to know the answers to the questions etc..

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