What is the problem with those who have got even a single vaccine?

Corona Virus: The havoc of Corona started to be seen in the country and the world. Still this virus is floating around in the air. People are coming in the grip of this virus. Experts say that due to the strengthening of the immune system, herd immunity and vaccination, the effect of the virus has reduced somewhat. But there is absolutely no need for people to be worried about this. This virus is constantly mutating to be fatal. Doctors, scientists are keeping an eye on the mutation of the virus. People who are getting vaccinated to prevent the virus. They are also facing special problems regarding different vaccinations. 

Symptoms seen on the first dose
According to the media report, according to the ZOE health study, the symptoms of COVID may vary with different doses. Symptoms include headache, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, persistent cough at first dose.

This problem is happening after getting the second vaccine
Some different symptoms start appearing in people after getting the second dose of vaccination. These include sore throat, runny nose, blocked nose, increased cough and headache. 

Third vaccine spoiled digestion
ZOE’s study has revealed that loss of appetite is also a primary symptom of Covid. 27 percent of people infected with the virus, especially the Delta or Omicron variant, and who have received three doses of the Covid vaccine. They are experiencing the same symptoms. However, comparing the previous data and the current data, a decrease in the number of such cases has been registered. 

What about those who did not get vaccinated?
Those who have not received even a single dose of vaccine yet. Symptoms like headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever, persistent cough are emerging in them. These symptoms are seen repeatedly. 

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