What is the word in which all three fruits, flowers and sweets come?, Question asked in UPSC interview

UPSC Interview Questions: Many candidates prepare for UPSC exam for years. Despite this, it is not easy to clear all the three stages of the exam in the very first attempt. If you want to give IAS level interview then your preparation should also be of the same level. Keep this in your mind at all times that the experts sitting in the interview panel can ask any kind of questions to test your reasoning ability.

Often seen in UPSC interviews. Where the question of the interviewer is easy, but the candidates make mistakes in answering. Here are some similar questions that can be asked in UPSC interview. From which you can get an idea about the type of questions that can be asked in the interview.

Question: What is the word in which all three fruits, flowers and sweets come?
Answer: Gulab Jamun
Question: A fish that cannot drown in water?
Answer: Selfish.
Question: What is it like? A thing that has no weight, but no one can hold it for long?
Answer: breath.  
Question: What is something that belongs to you but is used by other people?
Answer: your name
Question: How many hearts does an octopus have?
Answer:  Three
Question: How many degrees can an owl turn its head?
Answer: 270 degrees.< br />Question: Seeing a young woman, Mohan said she is the only daughter of my grandfather’s son, what is that girl Mohan’s?
Answer: Sister
Question: What is something that a husband never takes from his wife after marriage, but the wife takes it as soon as she gets married?
Answer: Surname 
Question: Minutes What is called in Hindi?
answer: moment

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