What should be the food at night? Know what you can eat for dinner

Dinner Tips: Some precautions need to be taken while eating food at night. In the night time, something should be eaten, which is light and easily digested. Actually, during the night the digestion process becomes slower than during the day, due to which it takes time to digest food at night and heavy food creates digestive problems. Therefore, for health, it is important to take care of some things while putting your plate at the time of dinner. So let’s know what things you can eat at night, so that you do not have digestive problems. 

how’s dinner

Dinner should always be light and digestible, so that it can be easily digested. It is also beneficial to include cow’s desi ghee in dinner. Due to this food is also digested quickly and sleep is also good. 

what to eat for dinner

Avoid these things

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