What should be the platelet count of a normal person? Learn ways to increase

Platelets Count: With the change of season, the chances of getting many types of diseases increase. These diseases include dengue, chikungunya and malaria. These days the cases of dengue are increasing continuously in the country. In dengue fever, the platelet count of a person becomes very low. Apart from this, platelet count can also be low in some other conditions, such as – aplastic anemia, iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, leukemia, cirrhosis, myelodysplasia etc.

What should be the platelet count of a normal person?

nhlbi, the platelet count of a normal person should be between 150,000 lakh to 450,000 per micro-liter of blood. If there is less than 150,000 platelets per microliter in the body, it becomes difficult to stop bleeding from the body. To avoid this type of problem, every person should get CBC test (complete blood count) done every three months. 

Symptoms of low platelet count

  • Bleeding gums. 
  • appearance of red spots on the skin.
  • Excessive bleeding during periods in women
  • dark and brown discharge while passing urine, etc. 

Measures to increase platelets 

    The juice of papaya leaves is effective in increasing the platelet count. 
  • Drink kiwi juice. This can increase the platelet count in the blood. 
  • Drink Giloy juice. This will benefit. 
  • Pomegranate and beet juice can also prove to be healthy for patients. 

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