When Anil Kumble had made a mistake on the field, tears came out after Kapil Dev’s scolding

Kapil Dev Anil Kumble Bishan SIngh Bedi India vs Engaland: Anil Kumble is one of the best players in Indian cricket history. Kumble has had a stellar career. He has won Team India on the basis of his performance on many occasions. However, he had to face difficulties in the beginning of his career. An anecdote from Kumble’s career has come into the limelight recently. Kumble missed a catch during a match, on which he had to listen to a dance from Kapil Dev. The story of a test match played has been told. In this, Kapil Dev scolded Kumble. In this match, before the T-break, Kapil Dev had put Kumble in deep fine leg. During this, a bouncer was thrown to Alan Lamb and he hooked the ball. Due to this the catch went to Kumble. However, he could not take the catch. After this Kumble had to listen to scolding.

Bedi said, “This was the first Test match of Kumble’s career. I was the cricket manager at Old Trafford. Anil had dropped the catch, but after that he also scolded. This was his first match, while Kapil had played around 100 matches. When I reached the dressing room, Anil was crying. This may have made them stronger. It was necessary to shed tears at that time.”

It is worth noting that this match played between England and India at Old Trafford in August 1990 was drawn.

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