When first wife Prakash Kaur spoke on Dharmendra’s second marriage to Hema, he did not prove to be a good husband

It is said that Hema Malini did not want her to marry Dharmendra because she did not want anyone’s settled house to be destroyed by her move, but maybe it was acceptable to Honi. However, the news of Dharam Paji and Hema’s marriage created a ruckus in their house. According to media reports, Prakash Kaur, who was his first wife from Dharmendra’s second marriage, was hurt the most. 

Once in an interview, Prakash Kaur had said that, if there were any other man in place of Dharmendra, he would have married Hema, there are many people in Bollywood who Despite being married, they are getting married again, in such a situation it is not right to blame Dharmendra only. At the same time, Prakash Kaur also said in the interview that, ‘Dharmendra may not prove to be a good husband but he is a very good father’.

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