When John considered himself guilty for promoting fairness cream, know what was the reason

John Abraham Fairness Cream Ad: Bollywood actor John Abraham made his debut in the 2003 film ‘Jism’ Started his career with, in which actress Bipasha Basu was seen with him. After this film, both came very close to each other and were in a relationship with each other for almost 9 years.

John Abraham has worked in many great films in his career so far, but along with that he has also been a part of many advertisements. At the same time, in the year 2010, he made a lot of headlines when he appeared in a fairness cream ad. Because at that time he was dating Bipasha Basu, who is known for her dark skinned beauty.

John Abraham was asked this question

After joining Fairness Cream, John Abraham was asked why he joined Fairness Cream, while his then girlfriend Bipasha is proud of her dark complexion. Komal Nahata had asked John, “On one hand you are promoting fairness cream, that too for men. On the other hand Bipasha Basu is a dusky actress and being her boyfriend you are planning to marry her. So how can these two things go together?”

John gave this answer

Answering this question, John had said, “Look, this is a very fair question. When the word fairness came, I was a bit worried and I talked to fairness cream brands. If you look at the ad, there is no mention of fairness in it. It says fairness which is guaranteed. That’s why I said no, let’s make its result such that it is guaranteed.”

During this, John Abraham, while explaining the meaning of the word Fairness in India, said, “You will be shocked to know that according to a market survey, the word fairness in India is used to remove stains, dark spots from the face. is done for. This is what fairness means in India and this fairness cream is also about that.”

John felt guilty

Interestingly, John had blamed himself for promoting Fairness Cream. He had said, “We are a fairness cream, so in the end we are to blame. But we have taken care not to use it as an emotion that you will turn fair and you will get a girl.”

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