When Lalu Yadav lost the election for the first time itself… Know this interesting story of PU student union elections

Patna: Today once again there is an echo of student union elections in Patna University of the capital. Voting (PU Election 2022) is going on since morning. PU is called the nursery school of politics. Many famous leaders of Bihar have started politics from there. After winning the student union elections for the first time, he started participating in all political activities, which later became the Chief Minister of Bihar and many other big leaders.

We are talking about RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, the favorite leader of Bihar. At that time the election season in PU was something else. There are many interesting stories in the pages of history which makes the election of PU very interesting. Lalu Yadav lost the first student union election, after which he was removed from the post of General Secretary. In this article, we will give some information about the old days, how elections started in PU and what is the change now compared to earlier.

First Election of the Student Union

According to media reports, the student union was established in the year 1956 in Patna University. Till the year 1968 elections were conducted indirectly. One counselor was elected on 100 and the counselors together elected the President Union. In the year 1969, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ramjatan Sinha and Aditya Pandey demanded to hold elections in a direct way i.e. through voting. After this, Lalu was elected as the General Secretary in the very first election. According to reports, for the first time in the year 1971, the student union was elected through voting. In this, Lalu and Ramjatan Sinha were face to face for the post of president. However, Ramjatan Sinha won the election and Lalu lost. After Lalu’s defeat, former minister Narendra Singh was elected as General Secretary. Sushil Modi also became a cabinet member in this.

Ramjatan Sinha who defeated Lalu in the first election

Ramjatan Sinha is a former MLC and he has also been a professor. He won the first student union election of the directly held PU elections. Lalu Prasad Yadav was defeated. Although he still worries for Lalu Yadav. When Lalu was ill, he recalled many memories about the elections held during that period and wished Lalu a speedy recovery.

Lalu became the winner in the second election

In the year 1973, when the student union elections were held in Patna University, Lalu Yadav won the election in his own name. At that time, the biggest challenge for Lalu was the ABVP organization, but by then Lalu had become so famous in the university that people liked him a lot. In 1973, Lalu contested the elections in alliance with ABVP. He defeated former minister Narendra Singh. Lalu Prasad Yadav became the president. Sushil Modi became the General Secretary and Ravi Shankar Prasad became the Assistant General Secretary. Lalu Yadav became even more famous from here. Lalu completely emerged as a leader during the JP movement. At the same time, due to the Emergency, there were no elections in between for a few years. When elections were held in the year 1977, ABVP candidate Ashwini Kumar Choubey became the President. After this, the process went on for a few more years, but then there was a violent movement in the elections, due to which the elections were postponed for 28 years from 1984. Then elections started in 2012.

Journey of Lalu Yadav

After the year 1973, in 1977, only Lalu Yadav got the ticket from the Student Struggle Committee. Since then, he started fighting for the rights of the backward and taught. Lalu Yadav emerged as the Messiah for the people. Even during his Chief Ministership, he did good to the backward and the poor and became a messiah for them. The people of Bihar have great affection for Lalu Yadav. Especially the backward and the poor always pray for them. He has always raised his voice for their rights. Lalu Yadav is the only leader who came in front of the people by becoming the Chief Minister after directly winning the election in PU. Apart from this, other Bihar leaders like then Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi have also been a part of it.

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