When Mithun cut Hema Malini’s scenes from the film, the actress created a ruckus!

Mithun Chakraborty Hema Malini Clash: Many stories related to the life of Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty are very famous. One such anecdote is on the set of the film Badshah of the streets, when Hema Malini created a lot of ruckus when she got angry with Mithun. Actually, Hema and Mithun used to be big stars at that time, but in comparison to Hema, Mithun’s stardom was less. According to media reports, when the shooting of the film started, an intimate scene was shot between the two. 

When the shoot was over, Mithun told director Sher Jung Singh that Hema had removed some scenes from her. Scenes should be shown more in the film. The director agreed and got the intimate scene cut. As soon as this thing reached Hema’s ears, she started shouting at the director and Mithun on the set itself. 

Hema said angrily, when the intimate scene was not to be kept, then why did the shoot happen. The director said in a clarification – we have removed those scenes which were not needed.  Hema replied again – I know what happened between you and also know why my scenes have been removed. Hema didn’t agree even after this.


Hema complained to Rajkumar, who was the second hero of the film. Rajkumar was once in love with Hema and wanted to marry her too, but it was not possible. Seeing Hema upset, Rajkumar could not stay away, so he scolded the director a lot on the set. After this sentence, Mithun and Hema’s talk remained closed for several months, but with the passage of time, both of them reconciled.

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