At a music studio

Rocky : Hey Avi, where are you these days ?

Avinash : Just roaming here and there

Avinash Mishra

Rocky :So what about the tune ?

Avinash : I am not getting a rhythm yaar

Rocky : Avi, why can’t you compose the tune based on something which inspired you a lot ?

Avinash : Aisa toh kuch yaad nahi aate yaar

Rocky : Nazar udawon, Just look through your eyes, may be some one’s eyes will tell you a story.

Avinash : Let’s see if I find any eyes like that

He opened the window , suddenly his eyes find a girl who was making bubbles and playing with some children.

Vrushika Mehta

His eyes became bright. He rushed near that girl .

Avinash : Hello

Girl : Hello

Avinash : I am Avinash , a guitarist and a music composer

Girl : Avinash !! You were the one who composed Tu kitna Mean hein ? Hey naa ?

Avinash : Wow you remember all my compositions so well.

Girl : I must say you should try in films also, it will give you new identity.

Avinash : Thanks , by the way what’s your good name ?

Girl : I am Vrushika

Avinash : Hi Vrushy let’s shook our hands and be friends

Vrushika : Okay

Vrushika and Avinash extended their hands, but Vrushy’s hands were not in the right position.

Avinash : Aapne Haath theek se diya nahi

Vrushika : Haath joda hein Avinash

Avinash : Aapko mera haath dikhayi nahi deta ?

Vrushika : Nahi, Mujhe toh kuch bhi dikhayi nahi deta.

Vrushika Mehta

Avinash ; I am sorry, I don’t know that you are

Vrushika ; It’s okay.

Vrushika smiles with teary eyes

Avinash :Can I hold your hand ?

Vrushika : Yeah

Avinash holds her hand. They both shook hands and smiles .


Avinash felt Vrushika’s eyes as magical. He thought how God can create these much beautiful eyes and he wondered also why she became blind ? Both of them slowly became close with each other.

One day Avinash took Vrushika to a restaurant .

Nazar Mila

Avinash : You know what Vrushy, after seeing you only I got a theme for my new composition.

Vrushika : Me, how ?

Avinash : Your eyes speaks a lot, Vrushika. I would like to see them again and again

Vrushika : What you find in these eye pupils when they are just a show -piece only ? It doesn’t have any sense by my birth itself Avinash .

Vrushika Mehta

Avinash : Your eyes are captive and it paved me the muse for my music.

Vrushika : Is it ? I want to hear it from you Avinash

Avinash takes his guitar and starts singing

Zameen pe hein uthar ke aayi

Khuda ke jaise woh khud aayi

Tu mere kyaa ho maine jaana

Yeh khush naeeb bhi maine paayi

Tu mere se ,tu mere se 

Nazar se meri 

Nazar mila ….mm…Nazar mila

Vrushika lost herself in that music. Avinash came very much close towards Vrushika. Both of them shook their heads and smiled

Avinash : You just smile and keep your eyes open like these Vrushy , I can make millions on songs on your magnetic eyes .

Vrushika : Avi, I never expected some one will get inspired from these vision impaired eyes also

Avinash : Don’t so say so Vrushy , Your sees everything from your heart’s eyes and I can feel it .

Vrushika ; Avi

Avinash : I want to be the light of your life, will you give that right to me ?

Vrushika : Don’t pain yourself by doing this Avinash. I am habitat of this darkness, but thing is I never felt it as dark. Infact for me everything is beautiful . But what you said may

Avinash : Why Vrushy ? You didn’t like me ?

Vrushika :Of course I like you, You give me best moments only Avinash. But what will others say if you made a blind girl as your life partner ?

Avinash : I will fill light in your eyes, trust me definitely you will be able to see everything with your eyes, through an eye transplantation surgery.

Vrushika :It’s really expensive, Why you should spend that much money for an Orphan girl ?

Avinash : Vrushika

Vrushika : Yes Avi, I am an Orphan . If I live with eye sight or not, who cares ?

Avinash : I cares you a lot. And I can’t see my Vrushika struggling in darkness. If you trust me then leave this walking stick and come with me. I will hold your hand .

Vrushika throws her walking stick and gets up from the seat, Avinash holds her , Vrushy keeps her hands on his back

Avinash : Thanks for trusting me

Vrushika : I trust you more than myself, because you are the light of my life, Avinash.


Doctor : How are you feeling now ?

Vrushika : I am feeling better. I want to see Avinash who give me this new vision to my eyes.

Doctor :Aviansh come here

Vrushika slowly opened her eyes and sees Avinash’s face

Vrushika looked him again and again

Avinash : Why are you looking me like these Vrushy ?

Vrushika : I was looking those eyes keenly which find my dark eyes as beautiful earlier.

Avinash : Now your eye pupils are brightening like stars .

Vrushika : Is it ?

Avinash :Yeah Vrushika

Vrushika : By the who give me eyes ? I want to thank that person.

Avinash :  She is a star , infact she was the one who give birth to me.

Vrushika  : That means I am seeing with your Mom’s eyes

Avinash nodded his head

Vrushika : Avinash yeh tumne kya kiyaa ?

Avinash : Mom herself wished this Vrushy, before a month only my Mom passed away due to  cancer. She was everything to me . She did my upbringing both as dad and mom . My mom was bedridden when I was telling about us to you. She only told me that her daughter in law should get her eyes . So that she can again care me both as Mom and Wife.

Avinash burst in tears. Vrushika kept her hand on his chest. Avinash looked her eyes

Vrushika : Your mom and your wife both are with you Avinash. Mom hasn’t went away. I will give light of happiness to you through these eyes, Avinash

Avinash : Vrushika

Both of them gets emotional and hold each others hands

Yeh Teri Galiyaan

Avinash : I am so lucky to have you in my life Vrushika . Keep showing your care towards me like these always

Vrushika : You are the one who poured the beauty of vision at my eyes,  I am very fortunate to be with you Avinash.


Avishika got married and they were very happy

Vrushika rendred flowers on Avi’s Mom’s pic

Vrushika : I will always be grateful to you for giving your son Avinash to me , Thank you Mom.

Avinash : I bought your bahu Mom, Now you can be happy.

They both rendered prayers and goes


Avinash : I have decorated everything with lights and pics

Vrsuhika : This is entirely beautiful.

Yeh Teri Galiyan

Avinash : Though we got married, we never rendered those feelings to each other.

Vrushika : Our eyes and heart knows it, do we need to tell it ?

Avinash : Still I would like to hear it from you, Vrushy

Vrushika : I also want to hear it from you

Avinash : Thanks for coming to my life, without you I would have lost my music, You gave me new rhythm , I want to hear you as my heart beat as I love you so much

Vrushika : Thanks for giving your mom’s beautiful and valuable eyes to me.You give me a new life and show me the beauty of light. I always want to be with you forever, I love you so much .

Yeh Teri Galiyan

They both hugged each other passionately.

Nazar se meri…nazar mila plays

AN : I thank Jasmine Rahul who suggested me to write an OS on Nazar Mila. Thanks for reading guys

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