When Pawan Singh got married after cheating Akshara Singh in love

Pawan singh Shocking News: A heart-wrenching thing has come out from the Bhojpuri world. Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh is also going to divorce his second wife. Pawan’s second wife has made many allegations against him. In such a situation, the fans of Pawan Singh are heartbroken after hearing this shocking news. Tensions were going on between Pawan Singh and his wife for a long time. In such a situation, his wife was asking for a divorce from him. He has made a request to break his relationship with Pawan Singh in the Family Court of Ara Behavioral Court.
Jyoti Singh, wife of Pawan Singh, who is called the superstar of Bhojpuri world, has made various allegations against him. His wife has also made many revelations related to him. According to media reports, Jyoti Singh alleges that her husband Pawan Singh used to torture her. He used to beat them up. Abuse was seen every day in their relationship. Along with this, she has also accused her husband of getting her aborted twice.

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