When Smita Patil suddenly started insisting on getting makeup done lying down, the story will make you laugh

Smita Patil Trivia: Smita Patil has done more than one great role in her career. The specialty of Smita was that she used to get deeply involved in the character. Once for a film, Smita even insisted on getting makeup done lying down. Let’s know what was that whole matter."text-align: justify;"Smita Patil used to be very comfortable, but once in the film ‘Galiyan Ke Badshah’. On the sets, she saw actor Rajkumar lying down and getting makeup done. After this he told his make-up man that he also has to get makeup done while lying down. Her make-up man Deepak Sawant forbade her, but Smita stuck to her insistence. With this, he argued that even Rajkumar is lying down and getting makeup done. After this, Deepak Sawant explained to him that doing makeup lying down would cause him a lot of trouble and makeup would also not be able to be done properly. Understanding Deepak’s point, Smita Patil again agreed to get makeup done.

Memorable characters

Smita Patil did not live a very long life. She said goodbye to this world at the age of just 31, but during this time Smita Patil did such films, in which examples of her acting are given even today. Be it Jhuria’s character in the film Sadgati or Zeenat’s role in the film Mandi. Apart from this, she also received a lot of praise from the character of Najma in the market.  These characters of his cannot be forgotten. Today she is not with us, but because of her wonderful work, she will always be alive among us.

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