When the opposition opposed the ‘Agneepath Recruitment’, the government defended, the benefits of the scheme to the angry youth

Benefits of ‘Agnipath Recruitment’ scheme:  Protests were held across the country against this scheme of ‘Agnipath’ scheme of recruitment in the Central Government’s army. From Bihar   to Haryana, the spark of this fire reached. Due to the protests, some vehicles were set on fire and at some places the tracks were uprooted. In such a situation, the government is emphasizing on the benefits of the recruitment process under this scheme to persuade the angry youth.  The governments of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana have assured separate job relaxations for Agniveers. After the retirement of Agniveers from the governments of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana regarding the Agneepath scheme, they will be given special priority in government jobs. 

UP CM on Thursday wrote on Twitter, ‘Agneepath Yojana’ will prepare the youth for the service of the nation and society, as per the wishes of the respected Prime Minister, will give them the opportunity of a proud future. The UP government assures that the ‘Agniveers’ will be given priority in post-service adjustment in the police and allied forces of the police. Similarly, the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Haryana have also announced special priorities for Agniveers. The government has unofficially released a fact sheet to convince the youth of ‘Agneepath Recruitment’. It is titled, ‘Agneepath, Myth Vs Facts.’ The government has tried to convince the youth by keeping its side through this sheet. In this sheet, the government has given answers to all the questions raised by angry students about the Agneepath scheme. 

  • There is a confusion among the youth that the future of Agniveers is insecure?
    The government told that the youth who want to become an entrepreneur after Agniveer’s service, the government will give them financial assistance and loans. On the other hand, for the students who want to continue their further studies after this, the government will give a certificate equivalent to 12th so that they can pursue further studies, besides those who want to do further jobs, the government will give them preference in CAPF and state police recruitment. < /li>
  • Youth also have doubts about Agniveer scheme that employment opportunities will be reduced for them?
    Government told these youth that Agneepath scheme will increase opportunities for youth even more . The government told that in the coming time we will recruit three times than the existing ones
  • angry youth say that after the introduction of this scheme, regimental bonding will also make a difference?
    While the government has announced this Responding to this question of the youth angry with the plan, it has been told that we are not doing anything in the regimental system. The best Agniveer will be given a permanent place in the army, due to which the coordination between them will be even better. 
  • The youth has also raised the question about the effectiveness of the armed forces regarding this scheme. Will it make a difference?
    Government clarified that such short term schemes are being run in most countries and have already been tested. This is a big opportunity for the youth. The number of Agniveers recruited in the first year will be 3 percent of the army. Four years later, he would have his tset again before he was made permanent in the army. That’s why the people who join the army will be thoroughly tested and trained. Be it?
    Government answering this question to the angry youth, said, most of the armies in the world are dependent on the youth. A 50-50 ratio will be created between young and experienced people through Agniveer Yojana. Responding to the question of Agniveers becoming a threat to the society, the government said, saying this is also an insult to the values ​​of the army. The youth who once wears a soldier’s uniform will serve the country for the rest of his life. Even today people who retire from the army do not join anti-national organizations.

violent demonstrations in some parts of the country regarding the scheme
It is noteworthy that the government has made a radical change in the decades-old defense recruitment process, regarding the recruitment of soldiers in the three services ‘Agneepath’. The plan was announced on Tuesday. Under this, the recruitment of soldiers will be done on contract basis for a short period of four years. Under the scheme, about 46,000 soldiers will be recruited in the three services this year. The eligibility age for selection will be between 17 and a half years to 21 years and will be called ‘Agniveer’. Name will be given.

‘Agneepath’ Congress’s attack on the plan
Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister
, he tweeted, ‘No rank, no pension, no direct recruitment for 2 years, no stable future after 4 years, no government’s respect for the army. Listen to the voice of the unemployed youth of the country, don’t take a ‘fire test’ of their restraint by driving them on ‘Agneepath’, Prime Minister.’ Former finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram told reporters, “This plan is controversial, has many risks and is going to break the old tradition and fabric of the armed forces.” There is no guarantee that the soldiers recruited under the scheme will be better trained and more motivated to defend the country.’

Communist Party Attack
Communist Marxist General Secretary Sitaram Yechury tweeted, ‘CPI(M) Politburo ‘Agneepath’ Rejects the plan outright. This plan is going to harm the national interest of India. Professional Armed Forces by recruiting soldiers on contract for four years. Cannot be prepared.’ He said that ‘Agneepath’ The plan should be canceled immediately. Communist Party of India MP Vinay Vishwam also opposed this plan and demanded its withdrawal. Vishwam also said that this topic should be discussed in Parliament. CPI general secretary D Raja said, ‘It should be withdrawn immediately. Our youth deserve fair, secure jobs.’

Aam Aadmi Party’s attack
Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday came out in support of the youth aspiring to join the army opposing the ‘Agneepath scheme’ and Appealed to the central government that the youth should be given a chance to serve the country not only for four years, but for life. Kejriwal said in the tweet, ‘Appeal to the central government – youth should be given a chance to serve the country for the whole life, not four years. Due to the lack of recruitment in the army for the last two years, the aspirant youth have become older than the eligibility, they should also be given a chance."

Varun Gandhi did ‘Agneepath’ Opposition to the plan
‘Agneepath’ Questioning the various provisions of the scheme, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Varun Gandhi said that this will create more discontent among the youth. In a letter to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Varun Gandhi demanded that the government should bring out the policy facts related to this scheme and make its stand clear. Gandhi said that youth across the country have shared many doubts and doubts with him regarding the provisions of this scheme.

SP launched ‘Agneepath’ Opposed the plan .

Central government counted ‘Agneepath’ on PIB Benefits of the scheme
On the other hand, the Central Government’s Press Information Bureau (PIB) said in a Facebook post, ‘This scheme will bring new dynamism to the armed forces. It will help the forces to bring new capabilities and take advantage of the technical skills and innovative thinking of the youth. It will give opportunity to the youth to serve the nation.’ At the end of the four-year term, each recruit will be given a ‘Service Fund Package’. Referring to the financial package of about Rs 11.71 lakh to be given from the Service Fund Package, it has been said that it will provide financial freedom to the youth and will also help them to become entrepreneurs.  This clarification comes in the wake of protests in several states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Haryana.

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