Which is the first five star hotel in India? Answers to questions asked in UPSC interview?

UPSC Interview Tricky Questions: UPSC exam is one of the toughest exam in India. Also, this interview is also considered very difficult as compared to other interviews. Actually, in the UPSC interview, questions are asked by rotating in such a way that the best candidate gets confused and he gives wrong answer to the simple question. Apart from this, many questions are also asked during the interview to check the general knowledge of the candidate. Here are some similar questions. So that you can get an idea that such questions can be asked in UPSC interview.

Question: Which is the first five star hotel in India? Answer to the questions asked in UPSC interview ?
Answer: The first five star hotel in India is the Taj Hotel located in Mumbai. It was completed in 1930. 

Question: What is something that men grow but women don’t?
Answer: Beard and mustache.

Question: Which language is also used for food?
Answer: Chinese.

Question: Which food item is first broken and eaten?
Answer: Egg.

Question: Which is the first railway station of India?
Answer: The first railway station in India is Bori Bunder, which is today known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. 

Question: Which animal can hold its breath for a week?
Answer: Scorpion is an animal that can hold its breath for a week. 

Question: If a child is born in an airplane, what will be his citizenship?
Answer: According to the citizenship law of India, if your parents are Indian, then you are also Indian. Even if you were born outside India.

Question: How many times does a human breathe in 24 hours. 
Answer:17 to 30 thousand times

Question: A child is coming down from the lift but is not able to go up, why?
Answer: Because the height of the child is less, so he is only on the ground floor or zero. Will be able to press the button. That’s why he is going down, not coming up. 

Question: Why is the seat number 420 not given to any member of the Lok Sabha?
Answer: Section 420 of the IPC deals with fraud. Therefore, this seat is not given to any member. The same rule applies to other departments as well.

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