Which part of the body never grows from childhood to old age? upsc interview questions

UPSC Interview Questions: Many candidates prepare for UPSC exam for years. Despite this, it is not easy to clear all the three stages of the exam in the very first attempt. If you want to give an IAS level interview then your preparation should also be of the same level (IAS Interview). Keep this in your mind at all times that the experts sitting in the interview panel can ask any type of questions to test your reasoning ability.

It is often seen in UPSC interviews where the interviewer’s question is easy but the candidates make mistakes in answering. Here are some similar questions that can be asked in UPSC interview. From which you can get an idea of ​​what kind of questions can be asked in the interview.

Question: Which part of the body never grows from childhood to old age?
Answer: Only eye is the organ that never grows. 

Question: Which country’s national flag is the same when it is upright or upside down?
Answer: The national flag of Japan looks the same when upright and upside down . 

Question: Why is the color of toothpaste different?
Answer: Different colors show their property like if the color of a toothpaste is red then it gives you pimples Protects from germs. If the color of toothpaste is white then it makes your teeth strong and if the color is blue then it drives away bad odor from your mouth.

Question:Who is it that no one comes to save when the sun sets?
Answer:No one comes to save the sun when it sets.

Question:What difference do you find between Law and Justice?
Answer: Justice is the end and Law is the means by which you attain Justice.

Question:What is the future of Renewable Energy?
Answer: Very positive. We are going to promote renewable energy in automobiles. All that discussion happened.

Question: What is something that is not seen before eating?
Answer: It is a stumbling block that is not seen before eating.

Question:What is it that makes it bigger the more work you do?
Answer:The more work you do with your intellect, the bigger it becomes.

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