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Chapter 4
       04|| First Hearing Of Court ||
Let’s Begin
The Episode starts with …..
” Pleasure to meet you Advocate Shivangi Singh Oberoi ” a famous senior lawyer , who is going to fight against VR in the court greeted shivangi
( Sorry , once gain …. But this time I wanted to change name of helly in this story )
” Hello ” she greeted back with a tight smile , and went inside the courtroom
” She thinks that , she can win the case so easily , but nah , when nand gopal deals the case , then none is going to succeed other than me ! ”
He spoke to himself with a devilish smile
( Inside the CourtRoom )
” My honour !…. Punish this sinner , he is the one who killed MISS RAGINI MITTAL mercilessly , punish him and give that innocent soul justice ” the prosecution spoke
” My honour !…. My client is not at any mistake , he didn’t commit any murder ” she protested
” And do you have any evidences to prove him innocent ?? ” The Prosecution asked smirking .
He knows that she can’t gather any proofs , as everything is wiped off , and moreover , how could she bring proofs in less than a day ?
” Yes Lawyer Nand Gopal ! ” She said shocking everyone , including VanGre
They know that vansh was innocent , but she easily gathered proofs .
” My Lord …. With your permission …”
She asked , the judge nodded
When a couple stood on the witness stand .
” You May Speak up ” judge agreed
” My lord …. We are the parents of Ragini , we were residing in US , when she was dead , we didn’t know who was her murderer , but that’s not vansh , he is the best friend of ragini , she doesn’t ever felt uncomfortable in his presence , being a friend , he always supported and stood by her , he is not the killer of our daughter , we request the police force to do deep investigation and find out the actual killer ”
” Every Point Noted , observing everything , we are not able to figure out who is the killer ” judge said disappointed
” My lord …. I request you to give me some time to figure out the real killer”
She pleaded
” Ok …. Permission granted ! ” He accepted …. ” But …. Remember one thing that , if you are not able to find out the real killer before final hearing then Mr Vansh Raisinghania , your client , will be claimed as a murderer and a criminal and proven guilty , and doubts on him would turn out to be true in everyone’s point of view and he will be sentenced death or lifetime imprisonment ” the judge declared
” The Court is Dismissed ”
( Outside Courtroom )
” I was so right select you as his lawyer ” angre said
” Hello …. Advocate Shivangi ” nand gopal greeted again
” Hello …..” She greeted back
” Hmm…. Not bad , this kuch competition is needed , but remember , you would never win over me ” he warned
” I dont know who is guilty , who is innocent but i know one thing that , god never does in justice to anyone , everytime good always won over evil and this time too it will be ” she relief back
” And coming back to you Mister Raisinghania …..” Before she could speak , constables are about to drag him to take him back to the police station
” Hello Excuse Me ! , I am talking to my client ” she said
” But lawyer shivangi ….. He is a criminal ”
” Who said you ?? Did god made entry over earth and informed you that ?? ” She asked
” No ”
” Then how could you think yourself he is a criminal ”
” All the evidences collected price that he is guilty ” inspector spoke coming in middle
” Hello sir …. The case is still going on in the court , and the final hearing would prove if he is guilty or not ”
” Nor he was innocent ”
” I agree with that sir …. Presently , none knows except god if he is innocent or guilty , so treat him as a human atleast …. He has that right ”
” And yah , mister raisinghania  , I just don’t know if you’re interested or not to win this case nor I am interested to know but yah , I have the interest , so better for your own good , cooperate with me , never try to nor think to give a deaf ear if I talk or ask you something ”
” Understood ?? ”
” Hmm….”
” Good for you ! ” She said
” Now you may take him ”
He got seated in the police Jeep and gone away , later angre left too
When her phone rings and boom !
Precap : Danger Alert ⚠


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