Why did JDU dominate in Patna University Student Union Election 2022? Lalan Singh gave this proof

Patna: Student JDU has captured four out of five posts in the capital’s Patna University student union elections. JDU’s Anand Mohan has won the post of president. Regarding this, JDU National President Lalan Singh congratulated the students on Sunday. Along with this, it has also been told why JDU was dominant in this election? He told the reason behind this to Chief Minister Nitish and the Bihar government. Lalan Singh said that the result of the student union elections shows that Chief Minister Nitish is still popular among the students. Employment is being created for the youth in Bihar. Appointment letters are being distributed. Students and youth keep their faith in the government. The grand alliance government of Bihar under the leadership of Nitish and Tejashwi thinks for the youth.

‘Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is still popular among students’

Narendra Modi which had promised to give employment every year to remove unemployment has not been fulfilled. 

Kendra does not want to say anything about the job

Even today no action is being taken in the direction of employment generation. Jobs are decreasing. Privatization is happening and the central government does not even want to discuss anything on employment generation. Inflation, unemployment are burning problems on which there is no discussion. Therefore, ever since the formation of the Grand Alliance government in Bihar under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav, the government is distributing letters almost every day. This shows that the government is conscious about employment and for the youth. This is the reason why our candidates won in the Patna University Students’ Union elections.

‘nonsense is not answered’

Sanjay Jaiswal and Sushil Modi are continuously giving statements. Regarding this, Lalan Singh said that how much should we answer his words. Competition goes on between Sanjay Jaiswal and Sushil Modi. Today he will say something, tomorrow he will say something else. How much should we keep answering them. Irrelevant things are not answered. If you talk about any meaning, we will answer. Here, the result of Patna University student union election is telling everything.

‘The Grand Alliance government will win with a huge majority’

On the program of Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister in the campaign of Kudni by-election, Lalan Singh said that everyone will make their own program. Will go for publicity. The Grand Alliance government will win with a huge majority. On fielding a candidate by AIMIM, he said that everyone has the right to field a candidate, but the people there know who will do our work.

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