Why did Rahul Gandhi say ‘this is India of injustice’? Special message delivered by reaching MP

Bharat Jodo Yatra: Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra has entered Madhya Pradesh via Burhanpur on Wednesday, 23 November. The convoy started from Jalgaon in Maharashtra at 6.00 am and the yatra via Jasondhi village reached Bodarli village in Burhanpur district of MP. Special preparations were made here to welcome Rahul Gandhi. Many big leaders and general public including PCC President Kamal Nath and Leader of Opposition Govind Singh welcomed Rahul Gandhi here. 

While addressing the public, Rahul Gandhi thanked everyone for the warm welcome. He further said that, "When we started the yatra, the opposition had said that India is 3,600 kilometers long, which cannot be covered on foot. But, we will hoist this tricolor in Srinagar. Will run 370 kilometers in Madhya Pradesh. This yatra is against the hatred, violence and fear being spread in India. We are not afraid."

Rahul Gandhi further said that there are many goals behind the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Firstly, the hatred, violence and fear that is being spread among the countrymen has to be ended. He said that this is the way of BJP. Spreading fear among youth, farmers and common people. This fear goes ahead and turns into violence. One who is not afraid, does not commit violence either. That’s why eradicating fear is the first goal of the journey. No countryman needs to fear. 

‘We will not listen to Mann Ki Baat’
Rahul Gandhi further said that the Yatra has The first step has been taken in the state. Now everyone will be talked to, people will be hugged. Will understand the problems. He said that Bharat Jodo passengers travel for 7-8 hours daily. He does not speak his mind, but listens to the mind of the farmers. Let us listen to what is going on in the minds of the youth, laborers and women. Then in the evening around 7.00 pm, he keeps his point for only 15 minutes. 

‘The entire industry is in the hands of 3-4 people’
Whereas, Rahul Gandhi further said, "In this India, the entire industry is in the hands of 3-4 billionaires. Ports, airports, roads, telecom and railways are going into their hands. We do not want such an India. This is India of injustice."

Rahul Gandhi said in his public address that there will be a lot of fun in this journey. You will see, lakhs of people will join this Bharat Jodo Yatra and will show it by walking across Madhya Pradesh.

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