Why did Sona Mohapatra clash with Salman Khan? The allegation was made regarding the black deer case

Sona Mohapatra-Salman Khan Controversy: ‘Ambarsariya’ and ‘Bahara’ Singer Sona Mohapatra, who has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood with songs like this, lives in limelight due to her controversies more than her voice. Sona is known for her impeccable voice. His dispute with Salman Khan is also deep. She has targeted Salman Khan many times. Today i.e. on June 17, 2022, Sona is celebrating her 46th birthday. On his birthday, we are going to tell you about his controversial statements with Salman Khan. This controversy arose when a Tiktok star created an acid attack scene on the woman in the video. Sona Mohapatra was also seen raising her voice on this matter, but as usual she dragged Salman Khan this time too. He openly accused Salman of assaulting his girlfriends.

Sona Mohapatra targets Salman Khan

Sona Mohapatra During that time, in a tweet, Salman Khan was told that, “It is common in our society to degrade women. I have been hearing stories since childhood that Salman Khan breaks a bottle on the head of his girlfriends in a public place. Still she is a big star of the country, it should be stopped.”

Sonna doesn’t even like to see tweets of Salman Khan

Sona Mohapatra Has a figure of thirty-six with Salman Khan and it is seen many times. Once Sona took out anger on Twitter about Salman Khan. Actually, Sona does not follow Salman, yet a post of Salman Khan was visible in her timeline. On this, Sona while writing a tweet said, does not follow this person on Twitter. Therefore you are requested to fix your algorithm and do not advertise this tweet on my timeline.

This statement was also given on Blackbuck

< p>Earlier, she has also targeted Salman Khan on the blackbuck case. During that time, without naming Salman Khan, he had made a tweet that, what is all this happening in the industry? Will Daddy (Salim Khan) now apologize in his place.

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