Why do white spots appear on the skin? Know the causes and symptoms here

White Spots Remedies: If you are seeing white marks on your skin or a changing color of the skin, then it may be a problem of white spots. White spots are also called vitiligo. Some people take this problem as leprosy. However, such a mistake should not be made. It is a type of skin disease. There can be many reasons for this, such as nutritional deficiencies, fungal infections. Usually, due to one of these diseases, there is a problem of white spots. So, today we are going to tell you about the reasons for the occurrence of white spots-

skin disease is white spots

First let us know what are the white spots after all. Actually, this is a skin disease, in which the color of the skin starts turning white. This disease is not spread by touching. White spots are also called vitiligo, in which the appearance of the skin gradually changes.

causes of white spots

Nutrient Deficiency

White spots from fungal infection

How do white spots form?

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