Why does gas start forming at night? Know the reason and remedy

Often people start having problems of flatulence and gas formation at night. Due to the gas in the stomach, there is a feeling of restlessness while sleeping and sleep is also not good. Till the gas does not pass, even sleep is not good. Sleeping is broken by changing sides throughout the night. Many times, as the problem increases, there is also pain in the stomach. Some people may also feel a burning sensation in the stomach. In such a situation, it is important to know why you get gas at night. What is the reason behind this and how to prevent it?

Cause of gas formation at night 

1- After eating food, when the work of digesting it starts, then gas is formed rapidly in the stomach. In such a situation, if you have eaten some heavy food, then more gas starts forming. Even if you eat more food at night, then the problem of gas formation can bother you more.

2- It takes about 6 hours for healthy gut bacteria to digest food properly. Whatever you have eaten in the last 6 hours, including lunch, can also cause gas in your stomach. Then no matter how light you have eaten food at night. You may feel bloated at night while sleeping. 

3- Another reason for gas formation at night is high-fiber food. High fiber food takes time to digest and also produces gas. Do not eat beans, peas, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains at dinner. 

What to do to avoid gas at night?

1- After dinner, walk for at least 20 minutes. It is not good for health to fall asleep immediately after eating food. This causes gas to form in the stomach. 

2- You must drink at least 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day. Drink enough water for better digestion of food and better absorption of nutrients. Drinking less water can increase the problem of gas at night. 

3- There is a problem of gas due to more or less difference between two miles. Due to too much gap between meals, gas starts forming rapidly. To avoid this,  Keep eating something healthy in between meals.

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