Why is Bihar CM Nitish Kumar trying to release DM’s killer Anand Mohan?

The posts of PM, CM and DM have been considered most important in the executive of India. The murder of the then DM G Krishnaiah of Bihar’s Gopalanj district in the bitter cold of December 1994 increased the political heat. After the murder of G. Krishnaiah, when the then Chief Minister Lalu Yadav came to pay tribute to him, Krishnaiah’s wife Uma Devi replied- ‘Please leave us alone’

Bureaucracy mobilized against the government after the murder of G. Krishnaiah Started happening Several encounters took place to nab the accused. Political uproar also took place, but now the government is trying to release Anand Mohan, convicted in the Krishnaiya murder case, from jail. Started demanding his release. On this, CM Nitish said, ‘The government is trying to release him. You will ask his wife what we are trying’

After Nitish’s statement on the release of Anand Mohan, the discussion about the era of 1990 has started again in Bihar. Anand Mohan was once considered to be an alternative to Lalu, but the murder of a DM eroded his political ground. 

Let the story begin from the beginning…

1. Political rise of Anand Mohan
The political career of Anand Mohan, coming from Rajput caste, started at the age of 17 years. Anand Mohan also remained in jail for 2 years during Emergency. Emergency ended and Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister of India. 

Morarji visited Bihar while being the Prime Minister. Angered by the policies of the government, Anand Mohan showed a black flag to Morarji Desai. After this episode, there was a lot of discussion about young Anand Mohan. From 1980 to 1990, Anand Mohan struggled in politics. During this, he also contested many elections, but had to face a crushing defeat. 

In the year 1990, Anand Mohan became MLA for the first time from Mahishi seat of Saharsa on Janata Dal ticket. However, after Mandal Commission was implemented in the country, he broke his ties with Janata Dal and formed his own party in 1993, named Bihar People’s Party. 

2. Vaishali’s by-election and challenge to Lalu Yadav
After the implementation of the Mandal Commission, the conflict between forward-backward castes started increasing in Bihar and the government was adding fuel to it. In 1990, Lalu Yadav became the Chief Minister by defeating Raghunath Jha and Ramsunder Das within the Janata Dal. 

After the formation of the government, he was accused of promoting one caste from the police station to the district. Lalu became invincible in Bihar by doing the politics of backward, minorities and Dalits. 

Here, due to increasing caste conflict in North Bihar, Anand Mohan also became very popular among the forwards. There was a tough fight between the two in 1994. The place was – Vaishali, the mother of democracy. 

After the death of the then MP Shiv Sharan Singh, the Lok Sabha bypolls were held on Vaishali seat. In the election, Anand Mohan fielded his 26-year-old wife, Lovely Anand. Kishori Sinha from Janata Dal and Usha Sinha from Congress were in the fray against Lovely.

But Lovely won the election because of the Bhumihar-Rajput alliance. The Vaishali bypoll result was announced at Langat Singh College in Muzaffarpur. After the announcement of victory, Anand Mohan from Muzaffarpur itself announced the removal of Lalu from the chair.

3. Chhotan Shukla’s murder and Brij Bihari’s entry
In 1991, Vaishali MLA Hemant Shahi is murdered. After this, by-elections are announced in Bihar. At the same time, Anand Mohan’s residence is raided. Talking to India Today magazine, Lovely Anand had said that even my 3-month-old son was not spared by the police. Anand himself asks for votes for Hemant Shahi’s wife Veena. Veena Shahi wins this election with a huge margin. Along with the victory of Veena, Anand also gets an ally here, whose name was Chhotan Shukla. Soon after this, Chhotan Shukla became a candidate in the election of Kesariya, but he was killed during the election campaign. Lalu Yadav’s close aide Brijbihari Prasad has been accused of murder. 

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After the murder of Chhotan Shukla, the forward castes of North Bihar boiled over. Younger brother Bhutkun Shukla vowed to avenge Chhotan’s murder and announced a funeral procession in Muzaffarpur. 

4. Murder of DM G Krishnaiah and siege of Anand Mohan
Chhotan Shukla’s funeral procession was leaving from Muzaffarpur Highway. A crowd of thousands had gathered in the funeral procession and all were raising slogans against the government. Meanwhile, a red beacon vehicle got stuck on the highway. The then Collector of Gopalganj G. Krishnaiah was sitting in the vehicle.

On seeing the red beacon, the frenzied mob attacked the vehicle and thrashed G. Krishnaiah to half-dead. According to the charge sheet presented in the court, Bhutkun Shukla fired a revolver at the injured DM, killing him on the spot. 

7 people including Anand Mohan were made accused in this case. Anand Mohan was arrested. However, in the 1996 Lok Sabha elections, Anand Mohan won from Sheohar seat, but due to being in jail, Anand Mohan’s political clout decreased. Lalu’s government put an all-round siege. 

In 1999, RJD’s Anwarul Haque defeated Anand Mohan in Shivhar seat. After this defeat, Anand Mohan’s political clout started to end. The wife also lost the election from Vaishali and later Shivhar seat. 

Here, the trial court sentenced Anand Mohan to death in 2007, after which a petition was filed in the Patna High Court. In 2008, the High Court changed the death sentence to life imprisonment, giving relief to Anand Mohan. In 2012, the Supreme Court also confirmed the decision of the High Court. 

5. Lalu gave Sanjivani to Anand Mohan, who had dried up in politics
After 1999, Anand Mohan and Lovely Anand contested about 8 elections, including 2 assembly elections. In the changed political atmosphere in Bihar, Anand Mohan’s family went far away from electoral victory.

The political circles of Bihar started talking about the political elimination of the Anand Mohan family, but in 2020 Lalu Yadav’s Party RJD gave the MLA ticket to his son from Shivhar. Chetan Anand also managed to win the election. 

Anand Mohan again became active in politics after Lalu’s Sanjeevani. He also got parole after the formation of the Grand Alliance government in Bihar. CM and Deputy CM also attended the engagement of his daughter. 

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Why is Anand Mohan not being released after completing his sentence?
Anand Mohan’s life imprisonment The sentence was completed on 17 May 2022, but the Bihar government did not release him at that time. The government said that Anand Mohan is an accused in the murder of a public servant. The government had said that there are different criteria for life imprisonment, so Anand will not be released.

A lot has changed in the politics of Bihar since May till now. Nitish is now with RJD and is preparing for 2024. It is believed that Anand Mohan may be released soon.

Why is Nitish now desperate for Anand Mohan’s release?
Bahubali and DM murder cases Political discussion has started regarding why Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is engaged for the release of convicted Anand Mohan. Nitish often talks about not compromising on crime, corruption and communalism. Why is Nitish so keen on the release of Anand Mohan? There is a dearth of Rajput leaders in Bihar. According to an estimate, there are about 5 percent Rajput voters in Bihar. There is a dearth of Rajput leaders due to the death of Raghuvansh Singh and Narendra Singh.

In such a situation, the Grand Alliance can project Anand Mohan as the Rajput face. Anand Mohan is still popular among Rajput youth. Many pages on social media are run in the name of Anand Mohan Singh, whose number of followers is in lakhs. Kumar’s party is also eyeing Rajput voters. Rajputs have generally been voters of RJD. In 2009, only 4 MPs were made from RJD, out of which 3 except Lalu were Rajputs. Due to this, JDU candidates in Rajput dominated seats will not have to face the displeasure of the community. 

Direct impact on 4 Lok Sabha seats
Anand Mohan and his family will be elected to the Lok Sabha. There is direct dominance on 4 seats. These include Shivhar, Khagaria, Muzaffarpur and Vaishali seats. Anand and Lovely have also been MPs from Vaishali and Shivhar.

Out of these 4, currently 2 seats are with BJP and 2 seats with RLJP. Means all four seats are occupied by NDA. 


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