Why is CM Kejriwal silent now? BJP hits out at AAP over sting on Mukesh Goyal

BJP On Mukesh Goyal: The Bharatiya Janata Party has claimed to have conducted a sting operation on Aam Aadmi Party leader Mukesh Goyal, in which he is seen demanding some money from a junior engineer. BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra directly attacked Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal through this sting. On the other hand, AAP leader Mukesh termed this sting as fake and said that he will file a defamation case against BJP leaders. 

ABP News had a special conversation with BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana on this whole matter and Mukesh Goyal’s clarification on the sting operation. Let us read what answers Harish gave to these questions.

Question- Mukesh Goyal told audio-video fake…

Answer- Mukesh Goyal’s body language was not saying this. His body language was like that of a thief when he is caught, after that there is panic and fury. The things that have happened in the sting and after that the officer has been transferred. Why did this action happen? It is heard in the sting that he had said that if you don’t give money, you will get the transfer done, which means the money was not given, that’s why the transfer took place. It is clearly visible that Mukesh Goyal is present inside that room.

Question- Is BJP doing this to divert attention from 15 years of corruption?

Answer- In his opinion, he can speak whatever he wants, but the people of Delhi are watching everything. See how Satyendar Jain’s bail has been rejected. 2 days ago, Akhilesh’s husband Tripathi, who is an already convicted MLA, came to know about him in some other case that he had taken the money before that his own councilor climbed the tower and accused him of taking the money. Despite this, these people are saying that we are true, staunchly honest. The Aam Aadmi Party used to say that show the sting. Why is Arvind Kejriwal silent now? Why not taking action?

Question- talk of defamation case…

Answer- Let the case be decided by the court, but the question is that the Aam Aadmi Party, which used to call itself staunchly honest, has proved to be staunchly corrupt today. Why is Arvind Kejriwal silent? Mukesh Goyal is heard saying in the sting that the money has to be given to the party people, then who are the party people, to whom the money is being given, to whom it is being given on asking, it should be clear and we allege that Arvind Kejriwal is behind this. are.

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