Why is ‘International No Diet Day’ celebrated, know the history and importance of this day

On Mother’s Day, you can write a lovely note for your mother, in which you can tell her how much she means to you and how lucky you are to have her. (Image- Canva) Whether mom is a homemaker or works in the office, she does not get any time for herself between taking care of the family and all the work. So you can pamper them. You can gift them a skin care kit. (Image- Canva) Every moment spent with mother is special. Get yourself and any of their pictures framed and gift them on Mother’s Day. (Image- Canva) If your mother likes to travel but because of the care of the house and family, she does not get time to learn anywhere, then you can plan a surprise trip for her. You can go on a long trip somewhere near or somewhere.(Image- Canva) If you don’t earn now but you get pocket money and some savings are left then you can go for lunch with mom and pay the bill yourself. They will be very happy to see all this. (Image- Canva) You can give jewelry to mom as a surprise gift. With this, give Happy Mother’s Day in the greeting card. (Image- Canva) You can also give them watches, bangles, rings, earrings, earphones, mobiles etc. (Image- Canva) If you do not have much money, then make a handmade greeting card and give it to your mother. Surely a smile will come on her face after seeing this lovely gift. (Image- Canva) Gift a plant to your mother. This will make them realize that you have become very intelligent, as well as you are also concerned about the environment. Along with this, you should also promise to take care of that plant. (Image- Canva) Mother’s Day 2022, gift for mother, gift ideas for mother, what to gift mother, mothers day 2022 special gift ideas, gifts for mom, ma ko kya dein, ma ke liye gifts, mothers day kab hai, mothers day Most of the people these days are facing the problem of obesity because due to obesity, the body is easily vulnerable to diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, high BP. Because of this, doctors recommend taking a balanced diet, so that obesity can be avoided. But many people start dieting in this affair. The reason for celebrating ‘International No Diet Day’ is so that people can be aware about the harm caused by dieting.

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