Why is Jammu and Kashmir half made on the map of India? Seeing the growing controversy, the board gave this clarification

Jammu Kashmir CBSE Map Controversy: Central Board of Education (CBSE) has a controversy over a book not showing Jammu and Kashmir as part of India. CBSE has given a clarification, putting a full stop to the controversies on social media regarding the map made on CBSE’s Class 10 French textbook.

Twitter user Legal Rights Observatory had questioned the map made on CBSE’s class 10 French textbook and asked why Jammu and Kashmir is visible half on the map of India as seen in the world map? Due to the large number of followers of Twitter users, this tweet was rapidly circulating on social media and WhatsApp Group.

NGO raised the issue

Hey @cbseindia29 is this true? Don’t U recognize Jammu n Kashmir as integral part of India? Or you still have leftist gang holding tight control over school book section?
U r touching new heights- from Gender Confusion in kids to JK Separatism! Amazing @dpradhanbjp
cc @AmitShah pic.twitter.com/fDcIR9fV7I

— Legal Rights Observatory- LRO (@LegalLro) August 1, 2022

The board had to be cleaned

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