Why is the culture of Lucknow considered good? UPSC interview questions

UPSC Interview Questions: Every year lakhs of youth of the country appear in the UPSC exam, but there are only a few candidates who pass this exam and become officers. Many candidates clear the preliminary and mains written exam conducted by UPSC, but the questions asked in the UPSC interview become a hindrance in their path. Many such tricky questions are asked in UPSC interviews. Those whose answers are easy, but due to being asked in a strange way, the candidates get confused. Some tricky questions which have been asked in UPSC interview also.

Question: Why is the culture of Lucknow considered good?
Answer: It is the city of Ganga-Junii Tehzeeb. The language is very sophisticated. There is a lot of focus on Tehzeeb. Respect is given to the front. There is also a focus on art. Kathak, Karali, Thumri, Ghazal are quite popular. 

Question: What is the fear of pre-injection called?
Answer: The fear of pre-injection is called trypanophobia.

Question- What is it that the more it is cleaned, the blacker it becomes?
Answer- The more cleaned the black board, the more black it becomes. < /p>

Question- What is such a thing which is bought for eating but it is not sown?
Answer- the food plate is not sown.

Question: Which is the country in the world where no snake is found?
Answer: New Zealand is the country in the world where no snake is found.

< p style="text-align: justify;">Question: Imagine you are in a ship and that ship is sinking then how will you survive?
Answer: Candidates said- stop imagining and you will be saved.&nbsp ;

Question: Who is the one whom no one comes to save when he sees it sinking?
Answer: The candidates answered very cleverly and said that seeing the sun setting, no one comes to save it.  

Question- Which is the country where public transport is free?
Answer- Luxembourg is the country where transport is completely free.

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