Will Delhi get a new mayor today? The last attempt failed, there was a ruckus

Delhi Mayor Election Today: The meeting of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) house is to resume on Tuesday. Earlier, Presiding Officer Satya Sharma said that despite strong opposition from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the last meeting, the ‘aldermen’ appointed by the Lieutenant Governor would take oath first. On January 6, the first meeting of the newly elected MCD council was adjourned without the election of the mayor and deputy mayor, as councilors from the AAP and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) clashed over the presiding officer’s decision to administer the oath to the first 10 ‘aldermen’. was done.

AAP won 134 seats in the 250-member house in the municipal elections. The party will elect its mayoral candidate Shelly Oberoi and deputy mayoral contender Ale Mohammad Iqbal. The BJP, which won 105 wards, has fielded Rekha Gupta as mayor and Kamal Bagri as deputy. Apart from the 250 councillors, Delhi’s 14 MLAs and 10 MPs form the electoral college for the mayor. Out of 274 voters, AAP has the support of 150 members and BJP has the support of 113 members. Congress has 9 councilors and two others are independent.

‘Nominated members and aldermen will take the oath first’

Presiding officer Satya Sharma in a conversation with PTI-language expressed hope that this time the proceedings in the MCD House will be held without any untoward incident. They said, "Nominated members and ‘aldermen’ will take oath first. Then other members will take oath. I don’t think you will make such an issue because it is their loss. I hope we will be able to elect the mayor."

‘The nominated members are BJP workers’

AAP had alleged that the nominated members are BJP workers and they were being administered the oath first to allow them to vote in the mayoral election. Explain that ‘Aldermen’ refers to those people who are experts in their field. However, they do not have the right to vote in the mayoral election. 

Agenda for today’s meeting

The agenda for the January 24 meeting of the MCD mentions that as per the DMC Act 1957 (amended in 2022), nominated councilors and members will take oath. The agenda states, "Nominated councilors and members will take oath as per the DMC Act 1957 (amended in 2022), following which elections will be held for the posts of mayor, deputy mayor and six members of the standing committee."

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