Winter Pregnancy Care: Know how your clothes should be for winter pregnancy

Winter Pregnancy Care: Cold weather is challenging in itself but, if a woman is pregnant then it becomes more difficult for them. As much care has to be taken of food during pregnancy, the same attention has to be taken of cleanliness and clothes. If you wear tight clothes, jeans, thick leggings, etc. during pregnancy, then it can have a bad effect on your baby.

The immunity of women is weak during pregnancy. In such a situation, if you choose the wrong kind of clothes for yourself, then you may get viral infection or cold, due to which the problems may increase. Dr. Simran Saini says that pregnant women should take special care of everything from their health to diet. In pregnancy, such clothes should be worn which cover their body. Let’s know what kind of clothes women should wear in winter pregnancy. 

wear warm or woolen clothes

Pregnant women should wear such clothes in winter which are thick or their fabric is warm. It is necessary for pregnant women to protect themselves from the cold because the child is growing in their stomach, which has a direct effect on the change of weather. If you want, you can wear the inner layer of cotton  cloth, but, definitely wear woolen cloth from outside.  

foot socks

During winters, pregnant women should wear thick socks in their feet so that the feet do not remain cold. If pregnant women go around barefoot in the cold, it can cause problems to the child.

 Oversized Jacket

Pregnant women should wear a big jacket instead of wearing a lot of clothes in winter. This is because the pregnant woman is already carrying the weight of herself and the baby. Wearing too many clothes can make a pregnant woman feel uncomfortable and this can cause problems for her. So wear a big jacket that will keep you warm as well as comfortable. 

Wear clothes that have elastic

Pregnant women should wear such clothes in winter which have elastic. This is because the body of a pregnant woman grows continuously. In such a situation, if the clothes are tight, then it will have a bad effect on both the mother and the child. If there is elastic in warm clothes, then you will not have any problem and the body will also remain flexible. 

Along with this, do light excise daily to keep yourself healthy. Consume adequate amount of water and include essential nutrients in the diet.

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