With these tricks, the old cooler will give coolness like AC, the quilt will have to be covered in summer

Old Cooler Cooling Tips: It is getting such fierce heat. There is still more time left for the summer to go and people have become troubled by this heat. Most of the people in India use coolers. There are many people who have old coolers running here for years. People use it for years after repairing the same. In such a situation, people say that even after lakhs of efforts, their cooler does not give cold air. If you are also struggling with this problem, then we are going to tell you 5 such tricks, by which your old cooler will also give such air that you will have to cover the quilt in summer.

ventilation needed

If your cooler is kept in such a place, where there is no ventilation, then the cooler will forget the cold air, but it will create humidity. The cooler needs adequate ventilation. The cooler will cool only when the air comes out of the room.

Do not put the cooler in direct sunlight

People sometimes make this mistake. Where there is more sunlight, people keep the cooler there. Remember, by doing this cold air is not available. Keep the cooler in a place where there is no direct sunlight. If sunlight comes everywhere in the house, then make such a system that the cooler does not get direct sunlight.

Replace the Grass

If you have taken out the old cooler in summer, then definitely get its grass changed. In fact, dust accumulates in the grass and water also freezes. In such a situation, the way of air gets blocked. Change the grass at least twice a season. Remember, there must be a gap between the grass.  

Keep cooler in open space

Keep in mind whether the cooler is new or old, always keep it in an open place. Actually the cooler gives cool air in the open area, so fix the cooler on the window or keep it near the mesh door.

Keep checking the water flow in the cooler

The water flow in the water pump of the cooler should be properly. Keep in mind that if the pump is not getting water then the cooler will not give cold air. It is often seen that the water draining holes in the cooler are closed. In such a situation, even the grass does not get water.


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