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Recap: With all problems sorted Kaira spend some alone time. Simmi is revealed to be the boss of Kevin and Sohail. Kartik uninvites Ridhimma, Urvashi and Rhea for the housewarming ceremony 

Episode 87 : Blockbuster Release

Evening before movie release 

Kartik gets off the car at the producer’s office. He picks his mobile and calls Naira

Kartik: Jaaneman 

Naira: Kartik how is it going?

Kartik: I have invited almost everyone in our list. Shivaay too helped me. How is chachu?

Naira: Adi bhai and Naksh bhai are at the hospital. Doctors said that he can be discharged by Saturday 

Kartik: Great then he can attend our housewarming ceremony 

Naira: Haan Kartik Im so excited 

Kartik: In that excitement dont forget your health. We are in the middle of your 7th month. 

Naira: I know I know dont worry 

Kartik: Naira I will be late as I have some promotion works left, you know na the sudden release date has made it hectic, I feel as if no promotion has been done 

Naira: You are running for the past 2 days Kartik , enough promotions were already made before the premier na…

Kartik: Haan Naira if not for Rhea and Urvashi the movie would have released long ago…

Naira: Tum tension mat ho…everything will be alright 

Kartik: Hope so..I have an interview in the producer’s officer with sir and the mainstream media people..you have dinner and sleep. I love you

Naira: I love you too 

He disconnects the call and walks inside to see the media already waiting for him

Associate: Sir ready?

Kartik: Ill just freshen up yaar 2 minutes 

2 minutes later Kartik gears up for the interview 

Interviewer: Congratulations on your 5th release sir

Kartik: Thank you so much

Interviewer: In one and a half years since you signed your first project a lot of changes have occurred, you have given 4 hit movies, won the debut actor male award , gained limelight for things other than acting in the professional front..how does it feel?

Kartik leaves a deep sigh and : Actually it feels surreal….its been like a dream

Interviewer: It will be because not all fresh actors experience it

Kartik: Thats true sir. As you said I gained limelight for things other than acting..like my chemistry with my wife, my accident and paralysis and now Urvashi

Interviewer: With Urvashi..we would like to ask you something 

Kartik: Go ahead

Interviewer: When you got the best  debut male award you mentioned someone who ditched you and with the current happenings can we take that it was for Urvashi?

Kartik: I don’t want to hide it anymore..yes it was for Urvashi. 

Interviewer: You didn’t say it earlier or not even mentioned it in any interview 

Kartik: Thats because she was in a good place in the industry and I didn’t want to spoil her image. But now with herself blurting out the truth in front of the cameras there is no need to hide it

Interviewer: Mr. Kartik can we know what happened between you both in the past?

Kartik: Woh…actually I have come over it..I don’t want to relive those memories again. Sorry

Interviewer: Its okay sir, but failing in love did good to you I guess…you and your wife share an awesome bond…well one last question related to Urvashi…a picture of your intimate moment was released in the social media..which created thoughts that you and your wife are drifting apart and you are cheating her with Urvashi..

Kartik: Well people knew the truth very soon…I guess

The interviewer nods and : Yeah sir…so who is the person in the hospital 

Producer sees that Kartik is getting awkward with many personal questions popping up

Producer: Sir…the movie is releasing tomorrow..lets talk about that

Interviewer: Sure sir..so Kartik sir its your 5th movie..but this movie faced the most controversies …is it like aapki success pe kisi ka nazar lag gaya or is it like a bad omen?

Producer: I would like to answer it..shall I

Interviewer: Why not sir?

The producer gently pats Kartik  

Producer: Purshottam was a wolf in sheep disguise. People like him are a shame to this industry. Its actually a good omen to get rid of devils

Kartik smiles at the producer who gives him a comforting press on his hand

Interviewer: Well said sir..so Kartik currently no new announcements have been made that too after your last film won many awards in film festivals ..any reason for it?

Kartik: Well actually I got this project and was very excited to work on it..moreover the shoot was happening in my home town and I had some quality time with my family especially my pregnant wife and I didn’t want to load many projects and keep shuffling here and there during her pregnancy and wanted to do one project at a time

Interviewer: Will this be a permanent resolution? Dont you want to do many projects….

Kartik: Well…if you see from the beginning I did one project at a time…Im not a superstar to sign multiple projects at the same time..Im just a growing star….when a director gives a movie to me the producer also invests money based on the trust he has on me..I feel that concentrating on one project at a time helps me do justice to the project

Interviewer: Well I don’t agree with the statement that you are not a superstar..fans love you

Kartik: Thats the biggest blessing..in that way too doing one project helps me..I am able to do justice to the expectation of the people too

Interviewer: So are you picky in your projects?

Kartik: Well I am….I struggled for a chance in this industry and when I got it I cant be fooling around with xyz projects….I am picky as you said 

Interviewer: Well whats the next plan..any new project 

Kartik: I cant officially confirm anything yet…but in the recent past I didn’t sign anything new as I wanted to be with my wife who needs me now

Interviewer: Now what do you want to tell the audience about this movie?

Kartik: Finally you are here to the most important matter, well as far as I can say please watch it i the theatres near you and we promise that you wont regret watching it

Interviewer: What kind of role are you playing in it?

Kartik: Well this role is of a  very new genre when compared to my previous movies..guess people will like it

Interviewer: Your first movie was a romantic one, then a tragedy again romantic and again tragedy…what should people expect from this

Kartik: People can expect something other than romance and tragedy here. Other things you will know it tomorrow in the theatres

Interviewer: Final question…when are you expecting your child?

Kartik chuckles and : Well 7.5 months of pregnancy have passed…so you know it

As the interview winds up Kartik gets up to leave. The producer walks to him

Producer: You handled them well Kartik…and tomorrow morning come with your family to the Imperial theatre, I have made special arrangements for the cast and crew there

Kartik: Sir…everyone from my family is excited to watch the FDFS in theatre here in Mumbai as it is the their first time to be here when movie is releasing so members will be more..so can it be possible 

Producer: Arrey tum hero ho ..anything is possible..Ill arrange it

Kartik: Thank you sir

Kartik comes out and looks at his watch..it is 11 pm

Kartik: Baap re..itna late….I have to get to the hospital 

He calls Naksh

Naksh: Kartik

Kartik: Naksh shall I come to the hospital?

Naksh: Nahi Kartik …We are home now..Manish uncle and papa are in the hospital, you have release tomorrow so get back

Kartik: Naira..how is she? Has she slept?

Naksh: Yeah..she was busy with arrangements for housewarming with Ruhi Keerthi and Aliya but Maa and Ishibua put her to sleep long back

Kartik leaves a sigh of relief and The call disconnects 

Kaira’s apartment 

Kartik opens the door slowly and gets inside..as soon as he is inside party poppers burst making him red in surprise. He turns to see everyone except Manish and Naitik there 

Everyone: Congratulations Kartik for your release 

Kartik: Arrey the film hasn’t released yet yaar…

Swarna: So what..its an early celebration 

Ruhi: Kartik its your fifth film….5 films is a milestone 

Adi: Correction…one of the many milestones which are waiting for you

Kartik: But..

Naira: What but…tomorrow after the release you will be in great demand..then we cant catch you..let us congratulate you

Kartik is annoyed to see her awake at late hours but doesn’t show it as everyone hug him and wish him. 

Naira hugs Kartik

Kartik in a whisper: Why aren’t you asleep yet? Is it healthy?

Naira: Nahi Kartik I was asleep only…bhai woke me after you called him. Promise

Kartik: Sab samaj raha hoon mein

Naira blinks

Kartik: Yeh boli mat bano tum..we are not sleeping in the same room as everyone is here and you are taking advantage of it but don’t forget that the time for my revenge will come soon

Naira: Oye Mendak zyada uchlo mat 

Kartik: Oye sherni chup chap sojao

Naira: Tum bhi jao..sojao

Kartik gives her a kiss on her forehead and the scene freezes 

Next Morning- after the first show

Kaira and family walk out of the theatre and reach the podium to watch the audience reaction. 

Dadi: Kittu…if we crowd like this it will not be apt. We will wait inside the office. You and Naira be here. Everyone leave

Kartik: Naira tum bhi jao..dont strain

Naira’s eyes fall on his hands as she notices his shaking voice. Kartik fidgets his hands as the crowd starts to come out. Naira notices it and takes his hand in hers

Naira: Tensed ho?

Kartik nods vigorously. Naira smiles

Naira: Kartik…the key scenes got applause and the climax too got good response dont worry

Kartik: Par Naira…

Naira: When I attended the preview though I was angry with you I heard the conversation between you and the director regarding the key scenes..so I know it

Just then the producer rushes there. He hugs Kartik making his heart thump.,once the hug breaks Kartik looks at the producer with expectations 

Producer: Kartik…got calls from the other key centres of Mumbai, all over the state and neighbouring ones and cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai where our film has released got great response. The collection of our FDFS is immense…it is indeed a blockbuster release. 

Kartik’s joy knows no bounds. He thanks the producer and hugs Naira whose eyes shine in happiness. 

Kartik: Naira suna tumne

Naira: Haan Kartik 

Kartik follows his ritual and locks his lips with Naira who responds back by parting her lips and allowing him to take over her. Kartik is surprised at her bold gesture as he remembers her getting shy when he kissed her in public during earlier releases. Though crowd of media and audience start to gather around them Kaira aren’t shy and share a long smooch which breaks after minutes. Kartik and Naira move apart. The scene freezes with cameras flashing on their faces.

Precap: Simmi calls Raman? Varun has a good news. Whats it? 

Keep reading to know. 

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