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Saroj finds out that Chiru hasn’t reached office yet and gets worried for him recalling Chiru’s words that he doesn’t want to marry anyone else except Sayuri. Dhanraj says that doesn’t mean he went to meet Sayuri and asks her stop using her brain, maybe he got stuck in traffic or needs peace of mind. Saroj asks Kusum to check what Sayuri is doing. Kusum goes to check.

Anjali tells Kanha that she returned after a long time and he didn’t welcome her properly. He asks if she has gone mad. She says that is like her Kanha and says his albela style attracted her, he is lucky to get a high profile girl like her. He says many girls still DM him to at least like their post. She gets jealous and asks who are they. He smiles. She says he should keep smiling and takes him along to give gifts to Saroj and others.

Sayuri gets Chiru out of car and asks what happened to him. He says he wanted to have a major accident for the peace of his mind. She asks not to talk like that. He says he is in pain and can’t live without her. She says even she can’t, but what can they do. He says he wants to try convincing Saroj once again as he doesn’t want to lose. She says she will take him home and helps him walk.

Anjali dances with Kanha on Meri Wali Ding Dong Karti Hai.. song and records a video to upload it on their social media account. Kusum informs Saroj that she spoke to Rashmi who told Sayuri is not at home. Sayuri helps chiru and brings him home. Kanha worried asks what happened. Sayuri informs about the accident and asks him to take care of his brother if not her love. Family gathers. Saroj looks at Chiru in concern. Chiru walks with a wobbly gait. Kanha and Nakul help him. Dhanraj asks if they should visit hospital. Chiru nods no and walks in. Dadaji says medicine for his pain is not with the doctor. Kanha and Nakul make Chiru sit and offer him medicine. He stops him and tells Saroj that he didn’t meet Sayuri by himself, Sayuri was passing by where he met with a car accident, its Krishnaji’s wish that he met Sayuri. He says he will not meet Sayuri but cannot stop himself from loving her. He walks to his room saying that.

Kanha hugs Saroj and says they hate Sayuri more than Chiru loves her, but their hatred cannot be greater than Chiru’s love and hence Saroj should agree for Chiru and Sayuri’s marriage. Saroj denies and says Sayuri wants to grab their house and its Indrani’s conspiracy, so she will not let them succeed. Kanha rushes to Anjali remembering her. She asks him to be with his family as they need him more now. He thanks her and returns to his room where Chiru sadly sadly says maa didn’t agree even this time. Kanha promises that he will fight with whoever he has to and will get back Chiru’s love. Chigu hugs him emotionally followed by Nakul. Kanha assures him that he will get Chiru married to Sayuri and says he will perform the gatbhandhan and will click a perfect picture of his life. He then prays Krishnaji for help.

Sayuri imagines speaking to her father Balwant and asks if he thinks she will lose Chiru like him. Balwant says losing someone was in her hands. She says she wants to fill in his shoes for her family. He asks why is she talking about it now. She says she feels like shattering fearing of losing her dreams and asks how does he feel. He says he is getting negative vibes from her and says she should take precautions to stop these negative thoughts; if she loves Chiru, she should think everything will be alright and continue to fight. She thinks soon she will marry Chiru and call her papa’s haveli as his.

Preap: Saroj senses something wrong is happening.
Kanha tricks Chiru and Sayuri to reach a temple and asks them to marry.

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