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Kahna calls Tej Dadaji and Bhani daadi to temple and informs them that he wants them to help in getting Chiru and Sayuri married. They say Chiru and Sayuri are elder children of the houses and will never go against their mothers. Kanha says he knows even they want Sayuri and Chiru’s marriage, so they should help him. Nakul says even he agrees with Kanha bhai. Daadi asks what is his plan. Kanha explains. They all 4 shake hands.

Saroj prepares aam panna juice and says summer heat has increased and even family members’s temperature, looking at Chiru. Anjali walks in and sitting on Saroj’s lap says she is here to ward off summer heat. She greets everyone and continues her blabbering Saroj shouts at her to get away from her lap. Anjali afraid asks if she made any mistake. Saroj says she came till the house but didn’t come in, its her house and she can visit any time. She pampers Anjali and says her father Amitabh’s favors are on time, he made Dhanraj his partner and treated him equally and not like the previous partner who just used to act. Anjali asks her not to praise papa in front of him or else he will seek sweets, they should save the sweets for some special occasion. Saroj sensing what she means asks if she spoke to Kanha about their marriage. Anjali says not yet. Saroj says Kanha is very lucky to marry her and asks her to let her papa explain Kanha. She then asks her not to leave again uninformed. Dhanraj backs her.

Anjali notices Kanha upset and says they all shouldn’t worry as everything will be alright soon. Chiru thanks her and walks away. Anjali say she cnanot see Chiru sad like this. Chiru walks out and notices Kanha and Nakul coming. Kanha recalls promising Chiru to get him married to Sayuri, hugs him, and walks in. On the other side, Sayuri while leaving house tells her father’s photo that she is behaving positively as he advised and asks him to pray god that everything should be alright soon.

Kamnha and Nakul try to leave the house discussing their plan when Anjali asks Nakul to get samosas for her as she came after a long time. Saroj asks Kanha to stay back and chat with Anjali. Kanha says Anjali came to meet her and he is going out on an important work. Nakul says he is going with Kanha. They both walk out house house hoping they don’t get any problem in their mission. Saroj tells Anjali that she will take care of Chiru and Anjali should take care of Kanha and make him realize his responsibilities. Anjali says when Yashoda maiya couldn’t hold Kanha, how can she hold him and says if they love someone, they should let them free; Chiru must be feeling Saroj is holding her. Saroj says she will get Chiru married to any girl without questioning about her caste or beauty, but will never accept Sayuri.

Kanha enters temple and makes arrangements for Sayuri and Chiru’s wedding. Nakul meets Rashmi and asks her to get into his bike. She asks where are they going. He asks her to hold him tightly as he will speed up. She agrees. Kanha records a video for his blog describing his thinking. Saroj notices Tej Dadaji and Bhanu Daadi leaving home suspiciously. Rashmi messages Sayuri to pick her up as she is not getting a cab. Sayuri agrees. Kanha calls Chiru that he is in some trouble and asks him to reach his sent location. Chiru agrees. Kanha thinks if everything goes as per his thinking, his plan will be successful. Saroj thinks where Chiru must have gone and feels something wrong is going to happen.

Sayuri and Kanha reach outside temple where Rashmi, Dadaji, Daadi, and Nakul meet them and take them inside temple. Saroj asks Dhanraj where did Dadaji go uninformed. Dhanraj says he went to meet Amjad chacha. Saroj says Amjad chacha went to meet his son at Bulanshahr and asks if he is hiding something. Dhanraj nervously says its Dadaji’s wish wherever he wats to go and walks away from there. Sayuri and Chiru notice Kanha waiting for them and ask if he is planning one more conspiracy. He shows them angalsutra and wedding mandap and says its their marriage right here.

Precap: Kanha gets Chiru and Sayuri married.
Dhanraj informs Saroj that Chiru is bringing their bahu Sayuri home. Kanha urges Saroj to forget enmity and accept Sayuri.

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