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Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saroj degrades Sayuri in front of her guests and tells them that Sayuri is incapable of handling household chores as she works outside the house, so she will give her house’s responsibility to Rashmi as she is young but highly talented. Kanha hears their conversation and acts as rushing to Sayuri and informing her that he got a 200 crore contract because of Sayuri’s suggestion. He describes Saroj’s guests how Saroj takes care of the house and lets Sayuri concentrates on business and job. Guests praise Saroj that she has Laxmi and Saraswati in her bahus is very lucky.

Saroj frowns seeing Kanha praising Sayuri and blabbers and curses Sayuri. Rashmi informs her that a boy’s mother Gayatri and her husband have come. Saroj greets them and makes them sit. She introduces them to Tej and Dhanraj. She asks Rashmi to call Kusum as boy’s parents have come to see her. Rashmi informs that Sayuri took Kusum for her college admission. Saroj fumes in anger and curses Sayuri. She returns to guests and informs them that Kusum has gone out. Gayatri asks if she didn’t inform her daughter that they are coming, how could she go uninformed. Saroj lies that Kusum has gone to beauty parlor.

Kanha and Sayuri take Kusum to a college for admission and get her an admission form. Kusum thanks Sayuri for filling a ray of hope in her life Kanha talks about women empowerment. They all 3 enjoy icecream. Kanha asks Sayuri to drive car as he wants to relax. She hesitantly agrees. A biker drives fast splashing dirt on them. Kusum says they should reach home soon and wash themselves. Sayuri drives car and discusses what if guests are present at home and they go in front of guests in this condition.

Saroj praises Kusum’s nature and quality sin front of guests. Nakul finds Kanha’s number not reachable. Saroj walks in and panics. Rashmi blames Sayuri for taking Kusum out for college admission. Saroj curses Sayuri as usual. Dhanraj walks in and hearing about that praises Sayuri for encouraging Kusum to study further and praises Kusum for her change of mind, leaving Saroj burn in jealousy. Saroj returns to guests who question repeatedly about Kusum. Kanha, Sayuri, and Kusum reach home and ask Saroj to bring water for them. They notice guests, and Kanha reveals what happened with them. Gayatri tongue lashes Saroj for lying about her daughter.

Precap: Kanha questions Gayatri and her husband why didn’t Rishi accompany them. Gayatri says he is in USA. Nakul asks if Kusum will land in USA after marriage. Gayatri Kusum will stay at home and take care of it. Kanha asks why don’t they keep a servant for themselves instead of getting a bahu them. Gayatri and her husband walk away. Sayuri suggests Kusum that she should take a decision of her life. Rashmi asks why is she giving ideas to Kusum then.

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