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Saroj opposes Kanha’s decision of letting Sayuri pursue her teaching dream and says Chaudhry family bahus don’t work outside Kanha asks Saroj what did she say. Saroj asks if he didn’t hear that and repeats her words. Kanha says at least she considered Sayuri as her bahu. Saroj says she doesn’t and its Kanha who forced Sayuri as Chaudhry family bahu, Sayuri should drop Chaudhry surname if she wants to work. Kanha says Sayuri really worked hard to study well and become a professor, she has responsibilities of her family, so she should join her job. Saroj says she does a lot of charity and will donate money to Sayuri’s family. Sayuri feels offended and says her family doesn’t live on charity. Saroj says let them live in bare minimum then, anyways its like begging if they accept married daughter’s earnings.

Kanha says when they don’t have problem accepting Sayuri as a daughter forever, then there shouldn’t be any problem in accepting the daughter’s earnings; he says when she has a dreams for her children, why can’t Sayuri’s parents have a dream, he still remembers Balwant uncle dreamt of making Sayuri a lecturer and she fulfilled her father’s dream. Saroj gets adamant and leaves thinking she will not let Sayuri ruin Chaudhry family name. Sayuri stops Kanha. He asks why did she sop him. She says she stopped the problems that would arise at home and has postponed rejoining her job for sometime.

Anjali tells her father that she is attending business expo tomorrow with Kanha as a couple and asks him to not reveal anyone that he has returned or else her plan of spending time with Kanha will spoil. Father tries to explain her that Kanha is married to someone else now. Anjali says she loves Kanha and will get him at any cost. Kanha insists Sayuri to attend the party tomorrow. She thinks she will wear a beautiful dress and makeup and not let Kanha’s eyes off her.

Sayuri stops him and says she was trying to ask what shall she wear tomorrow. He says its a formal theme and asks if she really wants to go. She agrees. He asks her to wear black sari as she looks good in it. Kusum hears their conversation and informs Saroj that Sayuri is planning to attend party with Kanha, so Saroj should stop Sayuri from interfering everywhere. Saroj asks her not to worry if something happens to her tomorrow. Kusum asks what is her plan. Saroj says she should wait till tomorrow. Sayuri picks her black sari and decorates it for the party tomorrow. She imagines Kanha helping her. SubhanAllah.. song plays in the background. Saroj notices Kanha happy and feelings jealous.

Next morning, Kanha asks Nakul to get a formal dress for him to party. Nakul asks what will he do in a marble party. Kanha says he needs to learn the etiquettes of business as it will help him in the future if my absence. Nakul asks him not to say that. Sayuri also explains Nakul. Nakul agrees. Kanha asks Sayuri invite even Rashmi. Sayuri says they should invite even Kusum. Kanha says he was about to say same, he will take his team there. Saroj thinks as if Sayuri wasn’t enough that Rashmi is being forced on her, she wants just her sons to attend the party. She acts as collapsing. Family rushes to her concerned. Saroj says she needs to prepare feast and serve it in Chiru’s name today. Kanha says Sayuri will do it. Sayuri excitedly asks if she can. Saroj nods yes and thinks she will clean the kitchen with gangajal later but will not let Sayuri attend the party

Precap: Saroj asks Sayuri to get out of Kanha and Anjali’s lives and orders her to inform Kanha that she doesn’t want to attend the party.
Kanha dances with Sayuri during the party.

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