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Woh Toh Hai Albela 19th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saroj tells family that Rishi’s family rejected Kusum because of Sayuri. Kanha says its good as family didn’t want Kusum to study further and didn’t want her to stay with her husband in USA. Saroj says Rishi’s mind would have changed and he would have asked his mother that he would take his wife to USA with him. Kanha says even Rishi would be obeying his mother and wouldn’t go against her wish. Saroj continues to argue with Kanha. Sayuri says they should let Kusum complete her studies first and then get her married. Saroj verbally abuses her and warns her not to interfere. Kusum says she wants to study and Sayuri didn’t force her.
Saroj emotionally blackmails Kusum and tries to convince her to agree for this alliance and not think of studies now.

Indu informs Bhanu about Saroj’s tension and boy’s family not happy about the alliance. Bhanu says they should wait till Rashmi or Sayuri call and inform them what is happening there. Kusum falls for Saroj’s blackmail and agrees to marry. Kanha requests her not to take any haste decision in a hurry. Kusum says she knows what she is doing and would accept Saroj’s decision. Dhanraj tongue lashes Saroj for emotionally blackmailing Kusum. Saroj curses Sayuri and accuses her of manipulating Kusum. Sayuri says it was Kusum’s plan to study further. Saroj warns her not to take Kusum’s name from her mouth again.

Sayuri returns to her room. Kanha asks her not to take tension and let things go as they are and not bother about Saroj’s bitter wordvs. Sayuri reveals that she confronted Saroj for the first time. Kanha is surprised that she took a stand for herself and asks what exactly happened. Sayuri describes confronting Saroj and says she will not obey her when its about Kusum’s studies and herself will personally teach Kusum. Kanha says she did right and shouldn’t feel guilty. Their nok jhok and jokes continue. Kanha gets a call and informs Sayuri that he needs to visit Delhi for a vlogging competition.

Saroj prays Ganeshji to get Kusum married in a good family. Dhanraj with Tej returns home and says he has a good news for everyone. He gathers whole family and informs that they got a big business offer from Jindal group and Kanha needs to have a business meeting tomorrow. Kanha agrees. Sayuri reveals about Kanha’s vlogging competition tomorrow. Dhanraj says both are important. Sayuri says Kanha must be angry on her, but they should discuss their problems with their family. Kanha says they can’t lose this business opportunity. Tej says even his competition is important. Nakul hopes if he could help. Nakul says he has to choose between 2. Dhanraj says when there is Kanha’s life partner Sayuri to help him, why should they worry Kanha says Sayuri can a business meeting better than her. Sayuri feels nervous. Nakul encourages her. Dhanraj says this is the best option. Sayuri agrees after much argument. Saroj stands jealous.

Precap: Saroj blesses oly Kanha when Kanha and Sayuri leave for their meetings. Nakul becomes Sayuri’s assistant, irking Rashmi.

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