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Woh Toh Hai Albela 29th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanha takes Chiru to a balcony and says they need to get out of house silently without anyone knowing about it and reminds Saroj’s order not to get ot of house before his baraat. He himself ges down via rope. Kanha descends down next. Chiru feels his shoes tight. Kanha exchanges his shoes with him. Chiru says Kanha always refused to wear his shoes, but today he is. Kanha says its an abshagun/inauspiciousness and they should get back home. Chiru says they should leave via backdoor as someone will watch them. They both run away. Saroj notices someone in the backyard and finds servants instead. Sayuri also peeps out of the window. Kanha feels uncomfortable in Chiru’s shoes and drives the bike uncomfortably while Chiru enjoys the breeze.

Anjali’s parents visit Saroj’s house for Kanha’s wedding. Saroj thanks them for coming on just a phone call and praises Anjali that she handled all the work. Anjali’s mother Roma says Anjali belongs to Saroj now. Saroj says after Chiru’s marriage, she will perform Anjali and Kanha’s marriage. Anjali feels happy hearing this. Amit jokes he wants Anjali to leave thier house as soon as possible. Everyone laughs hearing that. Roma tells Saroj that she did right by accepting Sayuri for Chiru’s happiness.

Kanha notices Chiru taking long breaths and asks reason. Chiru says he has some last breaths left so, he wants to enjoy them freely. Kanha says if he thinks so,he should stop the marriage then. Chiru laughs. Back to home, Anjali dances with Nakul and asks about Kanha. Nakul says Kanha is with Chiru. Chiru buys rings of Sayuri and Saroj and asks Kanha to take care of Sayuri if she goes out of the station for work. Kanha promises him.

Panditji starts the wedding rituals. Sayuri eagerly waits for Chiru and worries for him. She asks Balwant to take care of everything and prays god that nothing wrong should happen. Panditji asks Dhanraj to call the groom. Dhanraj asks Nakul to call Chiru. While heading toward home, Chiru notices Kanha’s hand hurt and insists that he will ride the bike. Kanha denies, but Chiru gets adamant. Nakul calls Chiru and Kanha and not hearing from them walks to the room and doesn’t find them at home. Anjali walks in next and is shocked to learn that Chiru and Kanha are not at home. Sayuri feels nervous. Rashmi comforts her and says everything will be fine once she marries Chiru.

Precap: Sayuri sits in mandap and waits for Chiru.
Saroj notices Chiru’s protective thread at home. Chiru and Kanha meet with an accident and fall unconscious on road.

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