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Kanha returns home. Nakul offers him water. Dhanraj tells Chiru that he wouldn’t have done what he dared to do and can’t even praise him for his act, he is not afraid Saroj, but respects her sacrifice for this house, so Chiru has to choose between his mother and love. He says if it was in his hands, he would have got him married to Sayuri and brought his friend’s daughter home. Kanha feels guilty for his mistake and says he will set the things right. He knocks Saroj’s storeroom door and asks Nakul if she is grinding chakki again. Nakul nods yes. Kusum scolds Kahna for creating this problem.

Kanha sends a pen camera inside the storeroom to find out Saroj’s condition. Rashmi calls Nakul and asks how is the situation there and asks if Kanha answered why he did that. Nakul says didn’t do anything intentionally. Kanha says let her speak as she is right. He notices Saroja collapsed and knocks the door. Chiru and Dhanraj join them, they broke the door open, and try to wake up unconscious Saroj.

Sayuri imagines her father who suggests her to keep fighting and not stop. She promises that she will continue to move and not accept defeat for the sake of him and her love. Saroj regains consciousness and recalls at the recent incident. Doctor tests her and informs family that her BP had increased and it would have been dangerous if they had not seen her on time, they need to take care of her and inform him if her BP fluctuates. Kanha blames himself for the problem. Chiru pleads Saroj to speak, but she doesn’t. Kanha cries feeling guilty. Dadaji asks Kanha to do something and get his mother back to normal like before. Kanha sings Main Kabhi Batlatanahi, Par Andheron Se Darta Huna maa.. song for her holding her hand. Chiru and Nakul join him, but Saroj continues to lie down silently without any reaction and falls asleep.

Indu worried for Sayrui thinks of speaking to her, but doesn’t Nexto sleep. She wants to talk to Sayuri but does not. Next morning, Chiru, Nakul, and Kanha wake up. Dhanraj informs them that Saroj is in the temple and asks them to get ready and visit temple soon. Indu gets worried for Saroj. Pihu says Saroj knows only to trouble them. Daadi says maybe Saroj is unwell. Rashmi says she spoke to Nakul yesterday and he informed that Saroj fainted yesterday. Indu says hearing temple bells, she fears Saroj will do something and snatch their food like last time. Sayuri says she cannot snatch their rights from them. Indu says Saroj knows only to win and she won last time also and snatched everything from them. Kanha and others join Saroj in her pooja.

Precap: Saroj invites Sayuri and her family home and offers her gold and blank cheques to forget Chiru. Sayuri denies. Saroj says she will not change her decision. Kanha holds Saroj’s feet and requests her hatred for the sake of her children.

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