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Woh Toh Hai Albela 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saroj blows the conch shell. Indu says that Saroj has blown this conch. She gets scared. Saroj goes to Dadaji to seek blessings. Dada ji says that he will not give her blessings today. He wants her to break her silence and tell them what is going on in her mind. While Saroj does not give him any answer and leaves from there. After this Saroj gives aarti to Nakul. Nakul says that she is starting with wrong order.

Saroj does not give any answer to this too and gives a plate to Nakul and asks him to give aarti to his brothers. Nakul is shocked to hear this. Kanha tries to talk to Saroj but she does not say anything. Bhanu tells Indu that maybe her fear is right. Saroj is about to do something big. Here Kusum tells Dhanraj that Chiru and Kanha are not eating food. She says that they have to do something.

Nakul sees that Saroj has removed all the mirrors from the house. Grandfather says that Saroj used to take care of everyone with the help of this but today she has removed these mirrors. Dhanraj says that she used to see what is happening in Bhanu’s house with these mirrors. Dhanraj thinks what is going on in Saroj’s mind this time. Pihu is going to school ahead. She sees the door is closed. She asks the watchman to open the door.

Saroj comes there and asks him to open the door. Here Kanha remembers that earlier Saroj was never angry with him like this. They all remember how when Saroj used to scold them, they get angry with Saroj and then Saroj used to come to convince them. Here Indu thinks what Saroj wants to do. Then Pihu comes there. Sayuri asks her why she has come back. She gives them mangoes and says that Saroj has invited them to the haveli.

Indu and Bhanu are shocked to hear this. Sayuri says why Saroj has called her there. Rashmi feels that Saroj wanted to talk about marriage. Sayuri gets happy hearing this. He says that maybe Chiru must have convinced Saroj. Indu says that she will not go there as she is scared. Bhanu explains to her that they should go there. Here Kanha sees that the house is being decorated. Chiru asks Kusum if any guests are coming.

Kusum says that she does not know anything about this. She adds that Saroj has made this food with her own hands and asks to keep it on the table. Kanha wonders who is going to come to their house. Sayuri and Indu are coming towards the haveli. They all relive their past memories. Kanha tells Chiru that Saroj is probably still in shock. Further Saroj comes there and opens the door. Chiru and everyone else are shocked to see Sayuri.

Episode ends.

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