Women taking more divorces than men in Pakistan, cases increased by 58% in a decade

Female Divorce In Pakistan: A survey in Pakistan has revealed a shocking thing. Here now more women are getting divorced than men. The main reason behind this is that women are becoming more empowered now. Women are no longer tolerating their humiliation after marriage.

Women in Pakistan cannot file for divorce, but they can annul the marriage under Sharia law even without the husband’s consent. . This is called ‘open’. It is arbitrated by the Family Court.

increasing the number of judges
Atika Hassan Raza, lawyer of the Human Rights Protection Center in Pakistan, said that now the number of family courts is being increased in Pakistan, in which laws like family law ‘khula’ can be considered. Apart from this, the number of judges of family law is also being increased. Raza said that women are now seeking divorce under Khula.
Survey revealed shocking 

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