World heart day: Take care of heart health, these 9 tests show the inside condition

Heart Health: Heart disease is very common due to poor lifestyle. In the last two years, many celebrities have died of heart attacks while exercising in the gym. If there is a blockage in the arteries or if there is more pressure on the heart, then the heart gives a signal. There is a need to understand those signals in time. Today is World Heart Day. Let’s know, about those 10 tests, which if done in time can save lives.



MRI is called magnetic resonance imaging. This technique is used to examine soft tissue or non-bony parts. It is a circular machine. It has a strong magnetic ie magnetic field. It examines the hydrogen protons present in the body. The radio waves emanating from it pierce the protons. The protons move out of their positions. As soon as they come back to their proper position, they also start sending radio signals. The computer installed there takes the signal and converts it into a picture. From this the correct position of the heart is known.

coronary angiogram

This also happens for the examination of the heart. In this test, the blood vessels of the heart are examined. Its main function is to see that there is no blockage in the flow of blood.

Exercise Stress Test(Treadmill Test)

This test tries to find out how the heart works. In the stress test, the patient is made to run on a treadmill. This increases the working pressure on the heart. An electrocardiogram, monitor is placed on the person’s body. The doctors keep checking the blood pressure and monitor and see if the person is feeling tired or any pain in the chest. If there is anything wrong with blood pressure, heart rate or ECG, then the person is asked to seek treatment.

blood test

This is a simple test. It tests for high cholesterol, plasma natriuretic peptide, trophonin, high sensitivity C-reactive protein.

coronary computed tomography angiogram

This is a 3D imaging test. It tries to show a 3D image of the heart. The veins of the heart are not shrinking anywhere. From this an image of the heart is prepared, which gives information about its blood supply and veins.

ultrasound test

In this test the structure of the heart is checked. It also checks for complications like heart. These include cardiomyopathy and valve disease.

Nuclear Cardiac Stress Test

Radioactive element is used in this test. It is seen in this how the blood is flowing in the heart. An image of him is prepared. This is done while the person is resting and doing some activity. If it is seen that the blood flow is very poor, then there is no possibility of damage to the heart.

Tilt Test

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