World heart day: This technic is no less than a boon in case of heart attack, but its practice is necessary.

World Heart Day: Today is World Heart Day. Health department, hospital administration are making people aware about heart diseases. The heart is the central point of life. If the heartbeat stops for a while, then understand the end of life. Heart problem is increasing due to change in lifestyle. During a heart attack, a technique should be tried immediately, which is no less than a boon.

Give CPR if you have a heart attack 

Oxygen remains in the body for 7 minutes after death

Doctors say that if someone’s breathing has stopped, then in such a situation oxygen remains in the body of the person for 5 to 7 minutes. Due to the presence of oxygen, there is a possibility of reviving all the organs of the body. Doctors say that the victim’s hand, neck plus should be examined and see whether he is breathing or not. If the pulse is not working and he is not breathing, then an ambulance should be called immediately. Giving CPR during this time can save the patient’s life.  

Do not breathe through your mouth due to Covid

Cuff CPR Where Possible

Another term with CPR is Cuff CPR. In cough CPR, a person affected by a heart attack tries to stay alive by coughing and breathing rapidly. But doctors say that a person who is unconscious or in a state of death will not be able to cough on his own. In such a situation, the concept of Cuff CPR is not that much prison.

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