World is just one step away from ‘nuclear catastrophe’, warns UN chief

Nuclear Threat To The World: United Nations chief Antonio Guterres warned on Monday that the world is just one step away from world nuclear annihilation. He made the remarks at a high-level meeting convened to review the 50-year-old historic treaty aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and creating a nuclear-free world. He said that ‘humanity’ A misunderstanding, a miscalculation, is far from nuclear destruction.

Meeting at a critical time’
Guterres has several ministers attending the month-long conference to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty , told officials and diplomats that this meeting was ‘an important time for our collective peace and security’. Getting in.

The Secretary-General said that this conference is ‘an opportunity to find measures that will help prevent some disasters and lead humanity on a new path towards a nuclear free world.’’

approximately 13,000 nuclear weapons’
UN chief warned that ‘‘ Geopolitical Weapon is reaching new heights, with about 13,000 nuclear warheads in arsenals around the world and ‘false security’. Acquiring countries are spending billions of rupees on catastrophic weapons.’’

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