Afghanistan Helicopter Crash: Taliban helicopter collided with electric pole in Afghanistan, two pilots died in the accident

Afghanistan Helicopter Crash: A helicopter of the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan Air Force crashed while patrolling. Two people have died in this accident. According to the Defense Department of Afghanistan, the helicopter crashed while patrolling near northern Samangan province. In which two pilots aboard the helicopter were killed.

Accidents happening due to technical fault

According to the information, this accident happened in Khulm district of Samangan province. The head of the information department of Taliban in Afghanistan has also confirmed the accident. It is being told in the local media report that this is not the first military helicopter accident. Even before this, many helicopter accidents have happened due to technical fault. Many pilots have died in these accidents.

Since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan in August 2021, many helicopters of the Air Force have been victims of accidents due to unknown reasons. The reason for the technical fault has not been clarified in the investigation of these accidents. Earlier on September 10 last year, a US-made Black Hawk helicopter had crashed in Kabul during a military training. Then the Defense Ministry of Afghanistan had told that three people had died in the accident.

Taliban capture several US helicopters

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the NATO military organization and the US forces had left the country. It is claimed that during this time America had to leave many of its war weapons and military equipment in Afghanistan.

No official figure has been revealed about how many American helicopters are in the possession of the Taliban government. The US-backed government fell in August after the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year. During this time many Afghan pilots had gone to the countries of Central Asia.

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